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The hairbrush: a mind-blowing story

If it is a beauty essential that can be found in all bathrooms, the hairbrush, as we know it, has been part of our beauty routine for centuries. The genesis of its history begins in Ancient Egypt then crosses centuries, styles and trends to bring us to the end of the 19th century, in the Thérain valley which then becomes the cradle of excellent craftsmanship. Since then, Altesse Studio has perpetuated the know-how linked to this styling tool: a beauty accessory made by hand, in the respect of traditions.

The hairbrush of excellence has however been neglected for several decades in favor of classic brushes from imports or made from raw materials of less good (not to say bad) quality. Our habits like our rhythm of life have totally changed and, mainly for lack of time, we have put aside this important gesture which is brushing with a quality brush.

Prendre soin de tous les types de cheveux - Altesse Studio

A state-of-the-art beauty accessory

Passionate about our profession and the beauty of hair, we wanted to give style and elegance to this object that is so important for the hair. Thanks to the know-how of our carpenters, we have developed wooden brushes (an insulator that limits static electricity) with a unique design. Much more than an everyday object that you will have in your hands, it is a real accessory that will beautify your hair in the same way as a shampoo or treatment.

Innovate to offer the best brush for all hair types

Drawing on our know-how, we have completely redesigned our brush collections to offer everyone, whatever your hair type, what is perhaps the best brush in the world. We manufacture more than simple styling tools, we imagine real care objects.

Our expertise in the choice of wild boar bristles has enabled us to achieve a high level of care performance thanks to new and innovative entanglements. Altesse Studio brushes are the most effective on the market, meeting the needs of fine hair as well as thick to curly hair.

The Beauty collection, innovation at the service of performance

This collection is made up of 5 medium model brushes, each of which reflects both Altesse Studio's know-how and innovation. All our brushes have been designed, studied and manufactured to meet all needs and all hair routines:

• For the Beauty Collection care brushes, we have chosen the best quality of boar bristles, a resistant fiber that avoids static electricity and above all is made of 100% keratin, like your hair. This 100% natural fiber is haired using two specific techniques: one for fine to normal hair and the other dedicated to thick to curly hair. Two types of capillaries with specific brushing needs.

• As for the detangling brushes in the Beauty Collection, they are designed using the same styling techniques specific to your hair type. But this time, make way for a “magic” nylon fiber allowing effective detangling, without pain and without breakage. It is the suppleness and thickness of this vegan fiber, coupled with an innovative bristling technique that allows us to design brushes as soft as a caress and capable of removing knots without pain.

The Prestige collection, the alliance of brush-making tradition and innovation

Thanks to their haute couture manufacture, the brushes in this collection provide exceptional brushing and care for all hair types. The secret of these 100% handmade hairbrushes (like in the 19th century)? The combination of 2 key elements during their manufacture:

• the use of an exceptional and 100% natural fibre, 1st recut boar bristle, soft and firm at the same time, penetrating all hair densities and thicknesses without being aggressive for sensitive scalps.

• Entirely hand braiding and tapering of the fibers which ensures unique and exceptional performance for all hair types.

Think like high-end beauty items, these brushes are guaranteed for life and passed down from generation to generation.