The simple act of brushing your hair is an often-underestimated part of the haircare routine but is actually the foundation to naturally conditioning your hair and improving its quality. Altesse Studio explains the reasons why hair brushing is so important and how to do it right.

Haircare routine: the countless benefits of brushing your hair

Hairbrushes are an indispensable fixture of every bathroom: without them, it would be impossible to properly take care of your hair! But even though hairbrushes are such a common accessory – indeed, the first hairbrush goes back many centuries right to Ancient Egypt – the benefits of proper hair brushing remain underestimated.

Hair brushing does more than just style or detangle your hair, it also offers other natural benefits to enhance its beauty:

  • It stimulates blood micro-circulation in the scalp to fortify your hair roots and promote hair growth
  • It removes the impurities (dust, pollen, pollution, etc.) that accumulate in your hair throughout the day
  • It distributes the natural oil secretions of the scalp from the roots to the tips – especially in the case of boar bristles – which helps to make your hair shiny, soft and supple

It can add volume to your hair and it can also tame frizz and flyaways.

    Hair brushing: the best hack for spacing out shampoos

    Brushing your hair is a natural and effective way to slowly space out your shampoos because it minimises greasiness at the roots by distributing the sebum secreted in the scalp all the way down to the tips. This helps condition and protect your hair over time, resulting in a shiny, supple head of hair that looks hydrated without being greasy. Your hair stays lighter for longer, reducing the need for frequent shampooing. This simple hack can keep your hair healthy while also being environmentally-friendly, as it helps to cut down on water usage and the number of haircare products you need.

    The effects of regular hair brushing can be seen in just a few weeks. You can expect it to take 1 to 3 weeks for short hair, 3 to 5 weeks for mid-length hair and 5 to 8 weeks for long hair to be coated evenly in its own natural oils from root to tip.

    Note: A consumer survey conducted for Altesse Studio brushes has demonstrated their effectiveness through tangible results on hair quality. 94% of Altesse studio brush users reported that it smoothed out their hair and reduced frizz, 92% said it made their hair shinier, and 87% agreed that it helped properly distribute scalp sebum through their hair.

    Haircare routine: what is the right way to brush your hair?

    Just like your face, your hair requires special attention. And before treating it to different conditioners and masks, you should start by brushing it the right way. But how? All you need is a high-quality hairbrush and a haircare routine that includes a few simple steps to detangle and condition your hair.

    Level 1: detangling

    The best time: At the end of the day. Detangling your hair before going to bed will help you get rid of all the knots formed during the day from being out in the wind, taking public transport, going to the gym, having your hair tied up, and all your other daily activities.

    The best way: The pro way. Start brushing at the tips, then move slowly up towards the roots to avoid hair breakage.

    The best brush: Opt for a pneumatic hairbrush with a natural rubber cushion and multiple, flexible nylon fibres of different heights - ideal for gentle yet optimal detangling.

    Did you know? It is best to brush hair when it is dry or damp, as hair that is wet and filled with moisture tends to be more fragile. However, if your hair is curly, it is best to detangle it just before shampooing.


    Level 2:  brushing to condition your hair


    The best time: At the end of the day, just when you remove your make-up.

    The best way: For a complete and effective ritual, use the age-old technique of brushing a hundred strokes per day.

    • Flip your hair upside down and brush 25 times from the nape to the tips
    • Flip your hair back up and brush 25 times from the crown of your forehead to the back of your head
    • Tilt your head to the left and brush 25 times moving from the right ear to the left
    • Tilt your head to the right and brush 25 times moving from the left ear to the right

    The best brush: For this part of your haircare routine, opt for a boar bristle brush, whose natural, keratin-rich fibres help to evenly distribute sebum throughout your hair, leaving it supple and shiny.

    Did you know? Using a boar bristle brush just before going to bed helps to evenly distribute the oil naturally secreted in your scalp through the hair to nourish and condition it while you sleep.


    Level 3:  a haircare step to start the day

    Integrate this 100-stroke brush ritual into your morning routine to keep your hair nourished and protected throughout the day.

    Why? This helps lend your hair volume and structure, for that bouncy blow-dry effect. 

    Following this haircare routine is a 100% natural way to nourish, condition and improve the quality of your hair!