Regularly cleaning your hairbrush is essential to taking good care of your hair and keeping the brush working effectively for a long time. Read our hairbrush expert’s guide on caring for your boar bristle and nylon fibre hairbrushes.

Make it a habit to regularly clean your hairbrush

Hair, dust, dead skin cells, sebum… all this residue builds up on your hairbrush over time. Besides the obvious hygiene factor, this can affect the beauty and health of your hair and scalp, while also reducing the effectiveness of the brush. The verdict is clear: if you want to keep your brush working well for a long time, you should clean it regularly. And this rule of thumb applies to all types of brushes, whether you are #Teamboarbristle or #Teamnylonfibre.

How and when to clean your hairbrush?

At Altesse Studio, we recommend that you clean your brush after every use, just as professional hairdressers do between customers. This simply means removing the hair trapped in the boar bristles or nylon fibres of the hairbrush with a comb, another brush, or your hands after use.

Experts also recommend deep cleaning your hairbrush once a week. This important 4-step cleaning routine only takes a minute:

  • Step 1: fill a basin or sink with warm water, add a small amount of shampoo, and swirl the solution to create suds.
  • Step 2: soak the bristles of the brush in the soapy solution, making a figure-8 shape to make sure they are completely soaked (repeat this motion 4 times for best results).
  • Step 3: rinse the nylon fibres or boar bristles under running water, then wrap a towel around them, applying light pressure to squeeze out any excess water.
  • Step 4
    • for boar bristle brushes: leave your brush to dry on a flat surface, bristle-side down, away from any heat source.
    • for nylon fibre brushes: leave your brush to dry bristle-side down, making sure the nylon fibres don’t touch any surface, as the weight of the brush can twist them out of shape. Our tip to prevent this: place a rolled towel under the brush handle to keep the brush head raised while drying.

    Your hairbrush is much more than an ordinary accessory: think of it as a vital part of your haircare arsenal that keeps your mane looking healthy and beautiful! Properly cleaning and maintaining your hairbrush is essential so it can detangle, condition and work all its “magic” on your hair.

    September 13, 2022
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