A hairbrush is more than just any ordinary accessory, and a brush made with natural boar hair is your best ally to taking good care of your hair. So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the benefits of using a boar bristle hairbrush.


Boar bristle: a fiber of unequaled quality for incomparable efficiency

The boar bristle brush is a hairbrush of excellence recognized for its efficiency, quality and solidity, both by hairdressing professionals and by those who have adopted it. More than a brush, it is a hair care tool that naturally beautifies and improves the quality of the hair, over brushing.

Boar's bristle is simply the best option for caring for your hair. It is the only fiber that has the same structure as your hair. The only one to be composed of keratin like your hair. Its fibrous structure allows the natural oils to be distributed to the ends for shine, nutrition and natural protection of the lengths. This fiber, when the right cuts are selected and it is implanted in a tapered way, is also rigid enough to perfectly penetrate the hair for a delicate and high performance brushing.

Finally, the resistance of the boar bristle ensures your brush a lasting longevity, it is said that a boar bristle brush is the brush of a lifetime. At Altesse Studio, some of our brushes are even repairable for life!


Boar bristle brush: the care brushing with multiple benefits

It's the unique composition of boar bristle (thank you keratin!), combined with our unique bristle technique, that takes brushing to another dimension and your hair routine to the next level. Here are the hair benefits you will see from the first days of daily use of our boar bristle brushes:

  • The hair regains its natural shine;
  • The scalp becomes less greasy;
  • The hair fiber is naturally protected and nourished;
  • The lengths are softer and suppler;
  • Frizz is eliminated and the hair smoothed;
  • The hair gains in volume;
  • Static electricity is reduced;
  • The hair is brushed perfectly and delicately;
  • The lengths and the scalp are not attacked anymore.


A boar bristle brush? Focus on quality!

The boar bristle brush is the best ally for improving hair quality and enhancing its lengths naturally. Its use turns out to be a 100% natural gesture to adopt in your daily routine to take care of your hair and to shampoo less frequently.

But beware, not all qualities of bristles and boar bristle brushes are created equal! It is necessary to bet on 1st cut bristles and piled with expert techniques. Innovations making it possible to make brushes suitable for all types of hair to ensure high performance in terms of care brushing. This is what we offer at Altesse Studio. We put our know-how and our experience as a hundred-year-old brushmaker at the service of your hair.

As proof, the results of our consumer test: 92% of users found that Altesse Studio brushes brought more shine to the hair and 78% that they made the hair more beautiful.