This is the question often heard by the happy owners of Altesse Studio boar bristle brushes. If experience is worth a thousand words, it's always worth remembering why this hairbrush is so exceptional.

A high-end hairbrush with proven effectiveness

More than a styling accessory, the Altesse Studio boar bristle brush is real hair care. After 4 weeks of use morning and evening, the results are visible:

  • 92% of users find that their hair is shinier;
  • 85% noticed a significant reduction in hair breakage and loss;
  • 87% observed a better distribution of sebum.

But that's not all ! Over time, the boar bristle brush improves the quality of the hair fiber and beautifies the hair:

  • the hair fiber is protected and nourished naturally (thanks to the fibrous structure of boar hair which grabs the sebum at the roots and distributes it to the ends);
  • the scalp becomes oily less quickly;
  • the lengths are softer and more flexible;
  • frizz disappears and hair is smoother;
  • static electricity decreases;
  • the hair gains volume .

A wild boar bristle brush 100% made in France

French designer and manufacturer of hairbrushes since 1875, Altesse Studio combines elegance, passion and excellence. It is in Picardy, in the heart of the Thérain valley, that the company promotes the French brossiere tradition day after day.

Unlike cheap brushes - mostly manufactured in factories with sometimes questionable conditions - Altesse Studio has always strived to produce responsibly, according to criteria of excellence.

Ancestral know-how, recognized by the State

Behind a boar bristle brush at €180 also hides exceptional know-how. In 2017, Altesse Studio received the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV)” label, which aims to reward the excellence of French know-how.

Quite a symbol for a factory that is keen to perpetuate the techniques of yesteryear: shaping, stacking, gluing, polishing... Everything is done by hand.

Did you know ?

7 hours of work are required to make an Altesse Studio boar bristle brush. A true haute couture object, made in the purest brushmaking tradition.

High quality wild boar silk and noble materials

Quality hairbrush rhymes with performance and innovation. And this (also) requires exceptional, robust and durable materials. So much so that the boar hair brushes from Altesse Studio's Prestige Collection are guaranteed for life and are passed down from generation to generation.

First cut wild boar hair

To make a quality hairbrush, it is essential to use 1st cut boar bristle. Soft and firm at the same time, it penetrates all densities and thicknesses of hair without attacking the scalp.

The ancestral fiber stacking technique as well as its innovative tapering are entirely made by hand. The result is a unique and exceptional brushing performance for all hair types, fine to frizzy, thick to curly.

An olive wood handle, as beautiful as it is durable

Altesse Studio's high-end boar bristle brushes are shaped from the mass of olive wood, creating unique pieces. This natural material, known for its beauty, is also an excellent insulator to reduce the static electricity created by the friction of brushing. Thanks to its linseed oil finish, the olive wood handle resists wear, making the boar bristle brush a durable accessory.
March 22, 2024