Naturally more fragile, curly hair requires a specific hair routine. To keep them healthy and strong, we rely on care, but also on suitable styling accessories. Moreover, the boar bristle brush for curly hair is a great ally for providing softness and hydration to your curls. Explanations.

1- The boar bristle brush for curly hair respects your delicate fibers

Curly hair is more sensitive in origin. It is therefore essential to style them delicately to avoid breakage and hair loss, but also to avoid damaging the beautiful definition of your curls. With the Altesse Studio Care Brush for thick and curly hair , it's done! Better yet, it's even proven: 85% of users observed a considerable reduction in breakage and loss of their hair. It must be said that the boar bristle brush is made from a natural fiber, composed of keratin, similar to that of your hair. Able to hold and distribute sebum from roots to ends, it provides styling that is both gentle and high-performance.

The Altesse Studio tip: you can use your Altesse Beauté detangling brush for curly hair to apply your treatments. Its tapered tufts will allow you to finely separate your hair. The key: better distribution of the product and a pleasant skincare ritual.

2- The boar bristle brush ensures good distribution of sebum on your curls

Properly done brushing promotes the proper distribution of the natural sebum generated by your scalp. It's true that curly hair tends to be naturally drier. This is due to their smaller sebaceous glands, which produce a lower amount of sebum. Thanks to regular brushing carried out according to the rules of the art, sebum is distributed more effectively and acts as a nourishing and moisturizing agent. Your curls are shinier. Without forgetting that this beauty gesture also massages and stimulates the scalp, thus promoting hair growth.

3- This is the ideal brush for straightening curly hair

Curly hair knows: frizz is particularly difficult to tame. Giving a “frothy” and dry appearance to the hair, it is sometimes necessary to use straighteners to camouflage it. However, the use of heat should be banned to respect your hair type and maintain beautiful, tight curls! To straighten your curly hair without damaging it, you start by applying a good cream or hair oil. This helps hydrate them and help them smooth out. We then opt for a boar bristle brush, capable of taming your hair and your frizz in no time at all, in addition to giving it a natural shine.

Bonus hair routine for curly and frizzy hair: the correct detangling technique

First, separate your hair into sections. Then, start detangling, always starting from the ends and working your way up, little by little, towards the roots. This technique will allow you not to increase the pressure on the knots. Don't forget to lightly dampen your hair beforehand with water or moisturizing spray. In fact, you never detangle your frizzy or curly hair when it is dry at the risk of damaging its natural structure.

May 10, 2023