Cleaning your hairbrush is essential to care for your lengths, guarantee effective brushing and ensure the longevity of this essential hair accessory. Here's our expert advice on how to care for your boar bristles or nylon-fiber brush.

Clean your hairbrush regularly: the right thing to do

Hair, dust, dead skin, natural oils... As you brush, many residues accumulate on your hairbrush. In addition to the hygiene problems that can affect the beauty of your hair fiber and damage your scalp, not regularly cleaning your hair also reduces its performance. hairbrush rhymes with reduced performance. The beauty equation is simple: to prolong the life of your hairbrush and guarantee its effectiveness, it's simply essential to clean it regularly. And this is true whether you're part of the #Team boarhair brush or the #Team hairbrush nylon brush. 

When and how to clean a hairbrush ?

At Altesse Studio , we recommend that you clean your hairbrush, after each use. Just as professional hairdressers do between clients. In practice, all you have to do is remove hair entangled in boar bristles or nylon fibers with a comb, another brush or simply by hand.or simply by hand.

Another important recommendation: deep cleaning once a week. 4 steps and 1 minute are all it takes to clean your hairbrush : 

  • ÉStep 1: Fill your sink with lukewarm water, add a dab of shampoo and work into a lather.
  • ÉStep 2: Immerse brush bristles in water. The right gesture? Form an 8 in the water to soak the bristles (repeat 4 times).
  • Step 3: rinse the nylon fibers or boar bristles with clear water, then wrap the hair with a towel, applying gentle pressure, to remove excess water.
  • Step 4 (tip dedicated to brushes in boar bristles): let your brush dry on a flat surface, bristles downwards and away from any source of heat.
  • Step 4 (dedicated nylon bristle brush tip): let your brush dry with the fibers facing down, but this time, the bristles must not be in contact with a surface. The weight of the brush could deform the fibers. Our tip: dry your brush by raising the head with a rolled-up towel placed under the brush handle.

 Much more than an everyday accessory, your hairbrush is a genuine hair care product that will enhance the beauty of your hair. To ensure that its "magical" detangling or conditioning action lasts, you need to clean and maintain your brush properly. 

September 13, 2022
Tags: Maintenance