Sometimes underestimated, brushing is the first step to take care of your lengths and to improve the quality of your hair naturally. Altesse Studio reveals why and how to integrate this gesture into your hair routine.

Hair routine: the thousand and one natural benefits of brushing

A hairbrush is one of the essential accessories found in all bathrooms. For a good reason, without it, it is impossible to take care of your hair. And it's been going on for centuries (the first hairbrush dates from Ancient Egypt). But if brushing your hair is a reflex, its benefits are sometimes underestimated.

Indeed, brushing is much more than a gesture allowing to detangle its lengths, it is also a real natural care gesture for the beauty of the hair:

  • It promotes blood circulation to the scalp and tones the root, thus facilitating regrowth;
  • It eliminates impurities (dust, pollen, pollution, etc.) accumulated throughout the day;
  • It brings shine, softness and suppleness naturally thanks to the boar bristles which are able to distribute the natural oils from the roots to the tips;
  • It adds volume to your hair and smoothes frizz.

Brushing your hair: the best tip to shampoo less frequently

Brushing the hair is also a natural and effective solution which allows, little by little, to space out the shampoos. Indeed, this gesture helps to reduce the sebum in the roots and to distribute it more optimally from the lengths to the ends. As you brush, the hair is naturally nourished and protected. They regain shine and suppleness, all without appearing greasy. Thus, your hair will be lighter for longer, which will allow you to wash it less frequently. Brushing is therefore a healthy gesture for your hair and for the planet since it is waterless and reduces the use of hair care products.

The effects will be visible after only a few weeks. Count 1 to 3 weeks for short hair, 3 to 5 weeks for medium-length hair and 5 to 8 weeks for long hair for the natural oils to be distributed from the roots to the tips.

Please note: the Altesse Studio brushes have undergone a 4-week user test with our consumers, which reveals effectiveness and real results on hair quality. Thus, 94% of the users questioned have noticed that the Altesse Studio brushes smooth the hair and reduce frizz, 92% that they bring shine and 87% that they ensure a good distribution of natural oils.

Hair routine: how to brush your hair properly?

Like your face, your hair needs your special attention. And before being treated with conditioners or masks, your hair needs to be brushed properly. How ? Using a quality brush and a routine comprising two simple gestures: detangling and the "repair & shine" brushing.

Level 1: detangle

The right timing for detangling : in the evening. Detangling your hair before going to bed helps to remove the knots accumulated by the day's activities (wind, subway, sports, tied hair, etc.)

The right detangling gesture : that of the pros. Brush starting at the tips and then gradually work your way up to the roots.

The right detangling brush : choose a brush with a natural latex pad and flexible, multiple and tapered nylon fibers for precise and gentle detangling at the same time.

Did you know ? Detangling is done on dry or damp hair, wet hair being more fragile because it is still waterlogged. For curly hair, you can detangle your hair before your shampoo.


Level 2: brush and care for your lengths

The right timing : in the evening, exactly as you remove make-up from your skin.

The right gesture : for a complete and effective treatment, use the mythical technique of 100 brush strokes.

  • Brush your hair upside down 25 times, from neck to ends;
  • Brush your hair 25 times head tilted to the left, from the right ear to the left ear;
  • Brush your hair 25 times head tilted to the right, from the left ear to the right ear;
  • Brush your hair straight head 25 times, from the base of the forehead to the back of the head

The right brush : for this part of the hair care routine, choose a boar bristle brush. A natural fibre, rich in keratin, which helps distribute natural oils over the lengths to bring shine and suppleness.

Did you know ? Brushing your hair before bed, with a boar bristle brush, nourishes your hair overnight thanks to a better distribution of natural oils on your lengths.


Level 3: the care gesture to start the day off right

During your morning beauty routine, repeat the care step of your hair care routine and its 100 brush strokes to nourish and protect your hair for the day.

The cherry on the cake ? You will bring volume and structure to your hair as if you had blow-dried it.

By adopting this hair care routine, you will take care of your hair and improve the quality of your hair in a 100% natural way.

September 13, 2022