What is the best brush for blow drying? If you're looking for a haircut-like result, read on instead. It seems that the round boar bristle brush is the ideal tool for optimal styling...and much more!

The round boar bristle brush accelerates hair drying

Volume, softness, sheathing and shine... We love the results of blow-drying our hair! But it takes time, and even more so when you start doing it in the morning. Fortunately, the round boar bristle brush helps speed up blow-drying. How ? Thanks to the fibers implanted at different heights which separate the hair one by one and distribute them over the entire width of the brush. This way, the heat reaches the strands more evenly. The key: easy, quick and breakage-free blow-drying.

The Altesse Studio “Brushing & Brilliance” hairbrush has been designed to facilitate blow-drying and enhance all hair types. Made in France with first-cut wild boar hair, it provides optimal grip and high-performance styling. That's without counting on its packaging, which is as beautiful as it is useful!

The boar bristle blow-dry brush protects against the heat of the hair dryer

The boar bristle blow-dry brush allows for uniform distribution of heat, and therefore avoids excessive concentration of it on a single section of the hair. This reduces the risk of overheating and damage. In addition, the round boar bristle brush helps to close the scales and distribute sebum from roots to ends, helping to protect the hair fiber from heat.

Altesse Studio brushes, bring more shine.

Altesse Studio Tip:

Do you usually do your blow-drying in the evening? Then the silk pillowcase is your ally. Thanks to its moisturizing, soft and protective properties, silk helps preserve your blow-dry until the next day.

Boar bristle or ceramic blow-dry brush: which one to choose to combine softness and efficiency?

First of all, the round boar bristle brush is durable and 100% natural. It is therefore perfect for a more eco-friendly hair routine .

Unlike the boar bristle blow dry brush which is suitable for all hair types (fine to normal, thick or curly), the round ceramic brush can reach high temperatures and potentially damage hair, especially if it is fine and fragile.

Another advantage of the round boar bristle brush: its fibers are naturally composed of keratin (identical to that of our hair fiber). This does not create opposing charges causing the phenomenon of static electricity, unlike the synthetic bristles of ceramic brushes.