You can't do without it. And yet, these little everyday habits damage your hair. Focus on the 6 hair mistakes to banish to preserve the health of your hair!

Straightening your hair every day, the #1 hair mistake

Every morning and even sometimes during the day or in the evening as a touch-up before a party, this gesture has become automatic for many. Much to the chagrin of our hair. As you straighten, the hair fiber weakens, dries out and breaks. You (really) can't live without it? So use it maximum twice a week between 120°C and 190°C. Pass it quickly and only once over the same strand.

Brushing too hard on wet hair

When damp, your hair is more vulnerable and sensitive. And yet, we tend to want to detangle them quickly so we can move on to drying them. We then brush them too hard, at the risk of breaking their fiber and tearing them out. The solution ? Use a brush that is respectful of the hair and scalp, like the Altesse Studio bio-sourced nylon detangling brush to remove knots without pain or breakage.

Altesse Studio Tip:

We always start detangling from the ends, gradually working our way up from the lengths to the roots. And always with delicacy!

Brushing your hair with a plastic brush: a bad habit to avoid!

  • Its rigid plastic pins attack the scalp and hair fiber
  • It tends to pull out hair when detangling
  • It produces static electricity
  • It is fragile

The list of negative effects of the plastic brush on the hair and scalp is long... So, to return to careful brushing, you start by replacing your plastic brush with a boar bristle brush . Better resistance and durability, optimal distribution of sebum throughout the hair, respect for the scalp and hair fiber, reduction of static electricity. It is the styling tool to absolutely include in your hair routine for healthy hair, day after day.

Wash your hair every day

Washing your hair every day unbalances the activity of the sebaceous glands. The scalp, feeling attacked, will produce more sebum. This hair error generates a real vicious circle to which is added stripping of the lengths, especially if you use treatments that are too astringent based on surfactants and silicones. To space out your shampoos, brush your hair twice a day with a quality boar bristle brush . Its secret: it helps to unclog the scalp by distributing the natural oils of the scalp from the roots to the ends.

Wearing hairstyles that are too tight

Do you know about traction alopecia? This is hair loss induced by excessive tension, most often on the frontal area and temples. To avoid it, forget about buns or ponytails that are too tight and opt for looser hairstyles, which do not pull on the scalp. We also replace classic elastics with satin or silk scrunchies (even better), which are more respectful of the hair shaft.

Sleeping with wet hair

This bad hair habit can encourage the development of small bacteria and disrupt the balance of the scalp. Additionally, when hair is damp, it tends to tangle more easily. Be sure not to skip drying before bed and opt for silk pillowcases to avoid friction and preserve moisture in your hair while you sleep.