Beauty magazines, TV shows, conversations between friends... We hear a lot about hair routines. But what is a good hair routine? The one that really does our hair good in the long term? We tell you everything.

Daily brushing: the star ritual of your hair routine

Optimal brushing requires a quality hairbrush. But not only. It is essential to adopt the right actions to benefit from all its benefits.

Detangling, the first step of brushing

To effectively detangle your hair without damaging it, always start from the ends and gradually move up towards the roots. This helps reduce tension on the knots and prevent breakage.

For gentle and effective detangling, Altesse Studio has designed bio-sourced nylon detangling hair brushes . Their plus? They are also suitable for the application of your treatments for optimal distribution of the product.

Careful brushing with a boar bristle brush

Once your hair is properly detangled, you can move on to treatment brushing.

How ? First of all, with a premium boar bristle brush, like the Altesse Studio care hair brushes , made with 1st cut wild boar bristles in our workshops in France. Then, by adopting the legendary 100 brush strokes in 4 steps.

  • Head forward: 25 brush strokes from the nape of the neck to the ends of the hair.
  • Head on the left: 25 brush strokes from the right ear to the left ear.
  • Head on the right: 25 brush strokes from the left ear to the right ear.
  • Return head straight: 25 final brush strokes from the front to the back of the skull.

Don't forget: the 100 brush strokes should be included twice a day in your hair routine. In the morning to protect and nourish the hair for the day and in the evening to cleanse and sanitize the scalp for the night.

The benefits of brushing

  • Eliminates impurities accumulated throughout the day: dust, pollen, pollution and even dead cells.
  • Protects and nourishes the hair: the fibrous structure of boar hair allows sebum to be attached, distributing it from roots to ends
  • Cleanses the scalp: the scalp is better oxygenated and blood circulation stimulated.

The essential hair transition

Often feared, it is nevertheless very beneficial for rebalancing your scalp and regaining healthy, supple and shiny hair in the long term. Once this transition period has passed, it is important to maintain your daily routine, however you will only need 40 brush strokes for your care brushings.

Concretely, you will have to wait until the natural sebum secreted by your scalp is distributed throughout your lengths thanks to your careful brushing. Your hair will be greasy for a while (allow 1 to 2 months depending on the length of your hair). Above all, be patient and don’t give in to the temptation of systematic shampooing!

The right shampoo for a perfect hair routine

Once the transition period has passed, your hair routine will no longer mean frequent shampooing. In fact, twice a week is a good frequency for washing your hair. To shampoo properly , focus on the roots and the following few centimeters so as not to strip the lengths. You can do a second shampoo on the lengths after a swim in the sea, or after returning from the swimming pool, for example. Finally, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and reserve a final jet of cold water to tighten the scales and make the hair shine!

Altesse Studio's advice: for optimal respect for your hair and scalp, avoid sulfates and choose a gentle, natural shampoo.

We tell you more about the good hair routine in video

December 04, 2023