With falling temperatures, hair tends to become electric. By putting on a sweater or even brushing your hair as usual: static electricity takes over. To avoid this hair inconvenience, here are some simple and effective tips to follow.

Why is your hair electric?

From a purely scientific point of view, the phenomenon of static electricity manifests itself when an object presents an electric charge opposite to another. For example: the friction between the negatively and positively charged particles of clothing, those between a comb and your hair, with an accessory such as a hat or scarf, and the list is non-exhaustive. Result: similar to the principle of the magnet, the hair is caught and attracted by the elements of opposite charge against which they rub.

Although fine hair is the most sensitive to this static electricity, everyone can be affected. The approach of winter is in particular a factor which can accentuate this phenomenon: the lack of humidity and the dry air quality specific to this season do not allow the keratin to absorb as much humidity as necessary — making that as it dries it becomes electric and will tend to make your hair electric more easily.

Electric hair: what to do when washing?

You will have understood that if your hair continues to become electric, it is mainly due to increased dryness. The first good reflex to adopt is therefore to adapt your hair care routine accordingly: namely, use the right care.

Among them, start by favoring a hydrating shampoo (preferably a rich professional product to nourish and weigh down dry hair), followed by a hair treatment such as a mask or a nourishing oil. Focus on the roots and not the ends, then rinse with hot or lukewarm water — never cold!

Another tip is to let your hair dry in the open air (otherwise, use an ionizing hair dryer), or to space out your shampoos so that the sebum can act and let its hydration work work. natural.

Electric hair: what natural solutions for brushing?

This tip does not require changing your routine, other than using the right tool! Do your usual brushing with a boar hair brush, whose naturally present keratin (identical to that of your hair fiber) will not create opposing charges causing the phenomenon of static electricity. Altesse Studio boar bristle brushes are particularly suitable for daily use, perfect for all hair types.

If, however, your hair has a strong tendency to become electric, do not hesitate to additionally moisten it subtly. To do this, lightly wet your fingertips, then tap your roots and lengths to discharge them with electricity before combing them. In just a few simple steps and a few well-kept tricks, you can (finally) say goodbye to that annoying electricity!

Electric hair: the fashion tip

In addition to beauty, fashion also comes into play to combat electric hair! The more natural materials you choose for your clothes, the better your hair will be. Exit synthetics: hello wool, silk, cashmere and other cotton! The same goes for bedding, opt for a silk or satin pillowcase which will take care of your hair even at night.