Unlike thick hair, fine hair has the particularity of having a hair fiber with a small diameter. As a result, this hair type is often faced with the problem of lack of volume. Fortunately, there are some natural tips for adding volume to fine hair. Explanations.

Fine hair: don't overuse shampoos and hair care products

By guaranteeing optimal hydration to your fine hair, it will have more hold and more beautiful natural volume. So, when washing and treating, rely on products with gentle formulas, which will moisturize your hair without damaging it. But be careful, do not overuse these hair products (shampoos, conditioners, masks, etc.), whether in terms of dosage or frequency, because they can weaken fine hair and accentuate the phenomenon of oily and flat hair. Likewise, limit ultra-nourishing formulas. While they are effective on dry hair, on fine hair they tend to weigh down the hair and therefore flatten it.

Fine hair: rinse your hair with cold water

Attention those who are less cautious! After shampooing, wash your hair with cold water. This tip allows you to tighten the scales to keep hydration at the heart of the hair fiber for better hold (therefore greater volume). This also provides more shine, while reducing static electricity.

Fine hair: adopt good reflexes when drying

Air dry your hair for natural volume

It is important to dry fine hair well before brushing it. So, once washed, start by pre-drying your lengths in a terry towel, paying particular attention to the roots, then bend upside down to pat dry your lengths.


Then, favor natural drying in the open air. Indeed, the hair dryer is not the best friend of fine hair, its high heat can weaken the fiber and flatten the natural volume of the hair.

Limit hair dryer use

The recommendation if you use a hair dryer: set the device to low heat and dry your hair with your head down. Using your fingers, do not hesitate to work the roots to remove them from your scalp. But try to limit its use as much as possible.

The diffuser, an effective alternative?

Did you know ? The diffuser can prove to be an alternative for those looking for volume, and who wish to use a hairdryer. Indeed, this accessory is far from being reserved for curly or wavy hair. While it allows you to sculpt them and tame flyaways while delicately preserving their definition, the diffuser is also capable of giving volume to fine, supple or straight hair. For good reason, the ingenious design of the diffuser allows even distribution of heat, which allows gentle drying for your hair while avoiding direct attack from the hot blowing of the hairdryer. In addition, thanks to its specially designed teeth, it stimulates volume from the roots and helps to gently separate strands. It gives texture and body to your hairstyle and thus avoids flat hair.

Fine hair: use a boar hair brush for more volume

To detangle, style and take care of your hair, the hairbrush is the essential accessory. But if brushing is a reflex, its benefits sometimes remain underestimated. And in particular those linked to the boar bristle brush for fine hair. These natural bristles allow unrivaled brushing care that does not damage the hair. They allow perfect distribution of sebum from roots to ends to nourish the fiber naturally, but also to add volume to the hair. A simple, quick and effective solution to restore volume, without additional products.

The boar bristle care brush for fine hair

This brush is a real ally for your hair. Beyond a styling gesture, it is a real care ritual which will beautify your hair over time. The magic happens from the moment the boar bristles come into contact with your scalp, where a delicate but deep massage is activated. This massage stimulates blood circulation for hair that is not only fuller but also stronger. But the real secret lies in an ancestral stacking technique derived from Altesse know-how and brushmaking tradition. This is how, with each brushing, the care brush will add volume to fine hair.

The boar bristle blow-dry brush for fine hair

Using a round brush when blow-drying is also an effective styling method for adding volume to fine hair. The specific design of these brushes, with a unique stacking technique and the use of boar bristles, helps speed up the drying process while minimizing heat damage. In fact, the bristles, located at different heights, effectively separate and distribute the hair over the entire surface of the brush, thus optimizing exposure to heat and increasing volume from the roots. Additionally, the natural properties of boar bristles help nourish hair, protecting against heat and revealing remarkable natural shine. By mastering the technique of blow-drying with a round brush, you can not only discipline your hair but also maximize volume, giving your fine hair a fuller appearance.