The question might seem simplistic, and yet… The key to beautiful hair goes through a good shampoo, carried out according to the rules of the art. Here are some explanations to help you wash your hair as it should.

The gesture has become automatic, to such an extent that it is not questioned. Washing your hair is not so trivial and even contributes to the health or, conversely, to the disruption of your hair fiber. From its frequency to its dosage, through its rinsing: here are our recommendations for making an effective daily shampoo.

A good shampoo: it's not every day

 The frequency of washing is an issue for many. A large part shampoos every day, but it is necessary to space out this gesture – ideally by about three days. Indeed, one shampoo a day will give you the impression of clean hair, but this reflex is not good for the hair fiber nor for the sensitive skin of the scalp. To space out the washing step more easily, the good idea is to adopt a well-done regular brushing . Opt for a boar-bristle brush — like the Altesse Studio hairbrushes — which will evenly distribute the sebum secreted at the birth of the hair follicle over the entire length of the hair. In the end, you will get healthy, naturally shiny and hydrated hair.

A good shampoo: it's washing your hair twice

Reducing the frequency of washing saves daily time. But another trick will allow you to optimize the results while making an economic gain. Indeed, rather than applying a large dose of shampoo and lathering it excessively, divide your usual dose of product by two and proceed in an ingenious double step.

  • First, take a dab of product to remove impurities from the scalp. For optimal respect of your hair, be sure to use a mild shampoo with a neutral pH, without silicones or sulphates. On damp hair, carefully massage the scalp with your fingertips — whatever your type of scalp, including the oily one. It is important to know that washing your hair is actually washing your scalp and ridding it of excess sebum – the cause of the oily appearance. So we take the time necessary to rub his skull by gently moving the skin under the fingers. In addition to self-regulating sebum production, this massage of a few minutes stimulates microcirculation which helps to keep hair healthy, but also to activate hair growth.

  • Then you can apply a second dose of product. Be careful, however, to wash only the first part of the hair, the one that includes the roots and the next few centimeters, to avoid stripping the lengths and canceling the distribution of sebum by the boar hair. In special situations, such as after bathing in the sea or returning from the pool, you can of course carry out a second shampoo on the lengths.

A good shampoo: it's a good rinse

 Perhaps this advice seems laughable, yet it is fundamental. Very often, rinsing is the last step that is a little too neglected, while its action can have a crucial impact on the beauty of your hair in the future.

The good gesture: rinse your hair thoroughly until there is no more foam in the shower tray, even if the operation lasts a few minutes.

Without it, it means that your shampoo is not totally eliminated, and therefore your hair will regrease faster. The most courageous will finish their rinsing with a jet of cold water to tighten the scales and ensure a tenfold shine of the fibers.

February 02, 2023