The moment of brushing allows you to take your hair back in hand. However, many people dread this step, which is too often synonymous with suffering and hair loss. If you recognize yourself in this situation, read more carefully what follows…

We have all integrated the adage "You have to suffer to be beautiful", despite our will. When we brushed our hair as a child or while visiting the hairdresser, our pain was trivialized by our peers, and our hair — in short — mistreated. Result: the brushing step becomes commonplace and is carried out imprecisely.

Brushing and detangling: a distinction to be made

Brushing is a gesture of care that comes together to reconcile the beauty and health of the hair. The primary goal is not to detangle, but to bring a form of sheathing and flexibility to the fibers, while providing a revitalizing massage of the scalp which densifies the material over the long term. The brush then has two very independent vocations: one being to bring care to the hair, the other being to untangle it. This is why Altesse Studio offers two essential daily tools with its Beauty range – revealing two singular tools both in their effectiveness and in the technical composition of their heads. Different bristle heights and densities: each hair has its own beauty brush.

Detangle your hair: a quality brush definitely makes the difference

Always performed on dry hair to avoid hair breakage (forget your usual detangling in the shower), Altesse Studio bet on an innovative head made of biosourced nylon fibers. Its advantages: gentle and effective detangling, without pain and without breakage. The suppleness of this vegan fiber, coupled with a hairdressing technique specific to the Altesse Studio workshops, make the brushes as soft as a caress and able to remove knots without unnecessary suffering. If the right tools make the right workers, quality brushes are the guarantee of incredible hair and effective and gentle detangling, which does not damage the hair.

Note: if your hair gets tangled, it's also because it's dry. In this case, it is essential to indulge in careful styling. This gesture, carried out with a boar bristle brush, will complete your hair care routine by stimulating hair growth and distributing the sebum over your lengths in order to nourish them.

Which brush to detangle your hair?

The brushes from the Beauté d'Altesse Studio collection have been designed to adapt to your hair type, whether it is fine to normal, thick or curly. They have been designed as nomadic brushes, ideal to follow you everywhere. In addition to the practical aspect, this choice adapts better to the contour of the scalp, for a more precise brushing.

Two specific hairdressing techniques were necessary, adapted according to your hair type. One developed for fine to normal hair, the other dedicated to thick or curly hair – these hair types have their specific brushing needs.

December 28, 2022