Because we can very well sport beautiful hair without damaging the planet, Altesse Studio shares its tips for a more eco-friendly hair routine. And among them, the boar bristle brush is a must!

Use a boar bristle brush, an eco-friendly hair ally

For an eco-friendly hair routine, start by replacing your plastic brush with a boar bristle brush , like the brush from the Prestige Altesse Studio collection . For what ?

  • Because it is made of 1st cut boar hair. In addition to being natural and biodegradable, boar hair helps distribute sebum from roots to ends for nourished and shiny hair. Please note that we also offer vegan detangling brushes made from 93% biosourced nylon fibers.
  • Because it is made in France : the carbon footprint derived from transport is much lower than a brush manufactured elsewhere in Europe or Asia, for example.
  • Because it is entirely handmade: for this, our craftsmen use 19th century manufacturing techniques. The result is responsible production that requires less energy.
  • Because its handle is made with a durable component of 100% natural origin, olive wood. No trace of plastic or harmful substances in sight for this eco-friendly brush.
  • Because it is so robust that it is guaranteed for life and can be passed on from generation to generation. No more brushes that break at the slightest impact and plastic pins that deform!

Did you know ? Altesse Studio has received the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV)” label, recognition of its exceptional know-how by the French State.

Opt for natural hair care

Surfactants, parabens, silicones… The list of chemical ingredients harmful to humans, but also to the environment, is long. And yet, they are present in the majority of “classic” hair products available on the market. For an eco-responsible hair routine, we opt for treatments formulated with biodegradable ingredients of natural origin. Do you color your hair? If you want to do something for the environment and for your health, favor vegetable colorings and avoid as much as possible ammonia, resorcinol or even PPD (paraphenylenediamine, a very allergenic chemical substance).

Space out shampoos for a more eco-friendly hair routine

According to the National Consumer Institute, a 4 to 5 minute shower consumes 30 to 80 liters of water. However, when we wash our hair, water consumption tends to increase (and so does the bill). This is especially the case when applying conditioner and/or a mask. The right gesture for the planet? Space out shampoos . We promise: your hair and scalp will thank you too. And for good reason, washing your hair less frequently - at a rate of 2, maximum 3 washes per week - allows you to rebalance sebum production and regain healthy hair.

The Altesse Studio tip: to facilitate this transition towards less frequent washing, brush your hair twice a day with a boar bristle brush in order to ventilate the scalp and distribute the sebum over the entire length of the hair. .

Focus on ecological hair accessories

If we can limit the presence of plastic in our cosmetic packaging, an ecological hair routine also includes hair accessories. For example, we focus on barrettes and hair clips made of cellulose acetate (a material made from wood shavings and acetic acid), or even on scrunchies and headbands made of organic cotton or made with fabric scraps. There are multitudes of alternatives to stay stylish while protecting the planet!