A beauty must-have since the dawn of time, the gesture of styling and detangling is the healthiest, most natural and long-lasting hair care there is. And for it to be perfect, at Altesse Studio, our craftsmen handcraft unique brushes, with proven effectiveness and made in France.

Why choose a boar bristles made in France?

While brushes in boar bristles were objects accessible to all, their use began to become less common with the invention of synthetic fibers (including nylon in 1936), especially after the Second World War. Since 1875, the challenge of "made in France" has been at the heart of our values Altesse Studio : French designer and manufacturer of hairbrushes for six generations, the company is keen to promote the tradition of the brush-making profession thanks to ancestral know-how and respect for criteria of excellence. Choosing a brush Altesse Studio in boar bristles Made in France, it is to participate in a virtuous movement, which perpetuates the French tradition of brushing, and contributes to revitalizing this historic sector, while bringing many benefits to your hair.

What is the difference between a boar bristles made in France and an industrial plastic brush?

There are two different subjects between a brush in boar bristles made in France of an industrially manufactured brush: their quality and ethics. While a natural boar bristle brush is effective for a Optimal brushing and offers flawless durability over the years, the plastic brush does not bring any benefit to the hair. Of course, they will detangle your hair, but aggressively both for the hair fiber (tension and breakage) and for the scalp because of the rigidity of their bristles. Some will also pull out your hair because it will get stuck between the pneumatic pad and the base of the bristles. On the other hand, they will have a much more limited lifespan than quality French brushes because of the quality of the materials used and the manufacturing methods. But also, the stuffing of a brush in boar bristles is the result of a real historical brushmaking know-how, via a responsible and virtuous manufacturing process like the one adopted by Altesse Studio. Conversely, cheap brushes are mostly produced by factories whose conditions are sometimes questionable. Enough to break with the cherished values of our brush factory.

Why choose the boar bristles Frenchwoman Altesse Studio rather than another?

Choose a hairbrush Altesse Studio, means choosing a French quality brush that improves the quality of the hair, a combination of a unique French know-how and the most noble and respectful of boar bristles. Since 1875, Altesse Studio masters a historical know-how mixed with constant innovation and boundless passion. With its two collections, Prestige and Beauté, the Maison Brossière thinks of each tool as a life companion. The collection Prestige d’Altesse Studio is the result of a sharp craftsmanship which, thanks to its 100% handmade manufacture, is an accessory that can be passed down from generation to generation. Opt for Altesse Studio, is choosing a high-end object that accompanies us unconditionally. The proof: each hairbrush of the collection Prestige is repairable for life.
July 04, 2023