Treating deficiencies, reducing stress or even changing your hair products are all solutions to limit hair loss. But did you know that a boar bristle brush can also help you have stronger hair and prevent hair loss? Here's how.

Reminder on the life cycle of hair

To limit hair loss, it is first important to understand the hair life cycle. Thus, between its birth and the moment it falls out, a hair enters 3 successive cycles:

    1. The anagen phase: the hair bulb regenerates inside the follicle to produce hair fiber. This phase lasts between 1 and 3 years and the hair grows on average 1cm per month.
    2. The catagen phase or involution phase: it lasts between 2 and 3 weeks and represents the end of hair fiber production. The follicle retracts to the surface of the scalp to prepare the hair for the next phase.
    3. The telogen phase or resting phase: the hair no longer grows, but remains attached to the scalp by its hair follicle for approximately 3 months. At the end of this last phase, he falls.

Good to know :

On average, 90% of our hair mass is in the growth phase while only the remaining 10% is in the shedding phase.

External factors responsible for hair loss

Hair loss can have several causes, physiological, but also external:

      • hormones (97% of men and 15 to 20% of women are affected);
      • illness and heavy medical treatment;
      • emotional shock, stress and fatigue;
      • application of hair products in too large quantities and/or too aggressive;
      • use of a poor quality brush and overly aggressive actions which damage the hair follicle.

Limit hair loss with a boar bristle brush

Brushing your hair every day with a boar bristle brush is THE gesture to include in your hair routine to limit alopecia. And for good reason: in addition to ridding your scalp of impurities accumulated throughout the day, this treatment brushing helps stimulate blood circulation. How ? Thanks to the massaging action of boar hair which promotes the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the follicular papilla. Result: over time, the hair fiber is stronger.

Altesse Studio has developed boar hair care brushes in its French workshops. What makes them unique? An ancestral stacking technique, carried out by hand with first-cut wild boar hair.

How to brush your hair to prevent alopecia?

First of all, you must brush your hair in the morning - to combine a boost of shine and discipline; and in the evening - to rid it of impurities accumulated during the day. This beauty gesture will also massage the scalp to activate blood circulation, stimulate regrowth...and relax you before bed.

The ideal brushing to prevent hair loss takes place in 4 phases of 25 brush strokes each. It is known by the mythical name of “ 100 brush strokes ”:

      • Head forward, from the nape of the neck to the ends of the hair.
      • Head to the left, from the right ear to the left ear.
      • Head to the right, from the left ear to the right ear.
      • Head straight, from the front to the back of the skull.

To go further, discover our video on the benefits of brushing to limit hair loss


January 02, 2024