Beauty tools are everywhere! These accessories which boost beauty routines are experiencing exponential success. After the face, here is the hair version to massage your scalp! We'll tell you more about these scalp care essentials.

The benefits of scalp massage

  • Massaging the scalp helps activate blood circulation to provide all the nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the hair follicles.
  • This stimulation of the hair follicles helps strengthen the bulb (more embedded in the skull) and prevents hair loss. The result: stronger, healthier hair.
  • Finally, scalp massage is a real anti-stress ally: it promotes the release of tension and provides a feeling of immediate calming and relaxation.

The boar bristle brush, the star of scalp massage accessories

If its boar bristles are of quality, then your hairbrush could well become your scalp's best ally. And for good reason, it promotes blood circulation to the scalp, thus facilitating the supply to the hair bulbs of the nutrients and oxygen they need. Result: the roots are toned, thus accelerating growth naturally . In addition, the boar bristle brush helps eliminate impurities that suffocate the scalp. Say goodbye to dust, pollution and even pollen accumulated throughout the day!

Be careful, not all boar hair bristles and brushes are created equal! To massage your scalp in the best conditions, use a brush made using an expert stacking technique, with first-cut wild boar bristles. The brush from the Altesse Studio Prestige collection is the ultimate example.

Its taper, entirely worked by hand and tuft by tuft, allows the hair to be finely separated and thus penetrate gently to the scalp. The hair bulbs present at its end will then exert their massaging action while being respectful of the scalp, even the most sensitive.

100% handmade, it offers precise brushing and high-performance scalp massage. Its (big) plus: it can be repaired for life and passed on from generation to generation.

The Gua Sha comb, to detangle the hair and massage the scalp

We know Gua Sha for toning the face and fighting wrinkles, but did you know that this trendy massage accessory is also dedicated to the scalp? In the form of a comb - most often made of jade stone or rose quartz - it allows you to massage the scalp, but also the nape and neck.

Even if nothing beats a real detangling brush made from biosourced nylon fibers , you always make sure to detangle your hair starting from the ends, then gradually going up towards the roots to avoid breakage as much as possible. Once the knots are removed, you can gently massage your scalp with your Gua Sha comb.

The massaging brush for the scalp, the multi-purpose hair tool

This accessory is enjoying growing success in the world of sclapcare . But be careful, its name can be confusing! Yes, it is not a brush (it does not detangle the hair), but exclusively a massage tool for the scalp.

Also called a scalp brush , it is generally made of silicone and has flexible bristles as well as an ergonomic tip. It allows you to massage the scalp to remove impurities and activate blood circulation.

Please note: it is recommended to avoid sclap brushes with rigid plastic pins. In fact, these do not soften when they come into contact with the scalp and can cause irritation.