How do I take care of my beard? This is the question asked by many men who want to sport a strong and silky beard. Focus on the 3 steps of the men's morning routine to have a beautiful goatee every day.

How to have a beautiful beard? An ever more topical question, with supporting figures

Before getting to the heart of the matter, let's start with some figures: according to a survey conducted by Opinionway, 92% of men aged 25-34 have a beard. According to another study published by Nielsen, the purchase of beard care products increased by 26% while that of facial care products fell by 1%.

These data demonstrate the growing interest in beard maintenance among men to combine softness, shine and controlled style.

Cleaning your beard, the basis of the morning routine for men

Just like the frequency of washing your hair , your beard deserves to be shampooed regularly, taking into account your skin type, but also your lifestyle. For example, men who work outdoors, those who have oily skin, who play a lot of sports or who smoke tend to accumulate more impurities in their beards. In these cases, it is necessary to clean it more often to prevent the proliferation of bacteria.

To do this, forget about the shower gel! We opt for our classic shampoo or for a special beard shampoo (even better). Take the time to gently massage your skin with your fingertips to activate blood microcirculation and thus stimulate hair growth.

Brush your beard with a boar bristle brush

Whether you have a three-day beard or a longer version, you can't miss the brushing step. For what ? Because this gesture allows you to discipline your beard, avoid unsightly spikes and camouflage imperfections. It is also an essential ritual to have a soft and silky beard.

At Altesse Studio, we have developed a special brush for hair and beard care , suitable for both sparse and denser beards. Its specificity? First-cut boar hair and hand-made. Composed of keratin and with a fibrous structure, boar hair is capable of distributing sebum from roots to ends, unlike nylon fibers or wooden pins which have a smooth structure. Result: the boar bristle brush smoothes and structures your hairs, while making them soft to the touch.

Moisturize, the key to maintaining your beard every day

Here, the same observation as with the hair: if you dream of a fuller and softer beard, you should definitely not skip the hydration step. This is where the boar bristle brush and its superpowers come in.

  • With its fibrous structure, boar hair is capable of holding on to sebum and distributing it over the entire length of your beard. Therefore, daily brushing will naturally nourish your hair, soften it and promote regrowth.
  • Moisturizing your beard is essential to limit the appearance of ingrown hairs, with stronger hairs growing straighter.
  • Another benefit of taking care of your beard by moisturizing it: avoiding dandruff and itching due to overly dry skin.

Advice from Altesse Studio: if you have an increased need for hydration, you can use a few drops of beard oil to finalize your morning routine for men.

September 25, 2023