Detangling or care, fine to normal or thick or curly hair, there is definitely an Altesse Studio brush made for you!

We know the scene: a freshly washed and styled mane... but a lack of shine. Why is hair dull? How can we help them regain their former shine? Altesse Studio tells you everything about lack of shine and the solutions to remedy it.

Causes of dull hair

Having dull hair can have several meanings. Here are the 3 main factors causing a lack of hair luminosity.

Unsuitable hair products and habits

Did you know that 75% of the problem lies in bad hair habits? Among them :

  • using the wrong hydration products;
  • a routine not suited to your hair type;
  • a hairbrush of poor composition and/or poorly cleaned;
  • excessive use of heated styling tools;
  • too high a water temperature when shampooing;
  • repeated dyes;
  • too frequent washing;

Lack of hydration

Hair dehydration is characterized by a porous structure, hair that swells , but above all lacks shine. This is due to the opening of the scales, which instead of being perfectly intertwined around the hair shaft, are raised and are no longer able to reflect light.

The stress

Stress and anxiety, especially if they are chronic, can cause disruption in the body which results in stress at the cellular level. Result: the hair bulbs are no longer optimally irrigated, leading to poor regrowth, thinning of the hair and loss of shine.

Why is my hair dull? The right actions to regain shine and softness

Having shiny hair is a matter of having the right routine. We share with you 3 tips for sparkling hair!

Brush your hair with a boar bristle brush

It is the essential care tool for shimmering, healthy and silky hair. And for good reason, the fibrous structure of boar hair allows sebum to be attached to the root and distributed to the ends. Daily brushing , practiced according to the rules of the art, is the key to hydrating the hair and making it shine brightly!

And because not all boar bristle brushes are created equal, we prioritize quality and performance with the Care brushes from the Altesse Studio Beauté collection , designed to enhance fine to normal or thick and curly hair. Proof: 92% of their users found their hair shinier!

Avoid excessive use of heating devices

It's hard to do without it, especially when you're in a hurry or when you absolutely have to tame your mane before an appointment. And yet, hair dryers and straighteners tend to damage the hair fiber when used repeatedly. Hair gradually dehydrates, becomes dull and breaks. We therefore try to space out their use or program them at minimum temperature!

Please note: water that is too hot when shampooing can also be the cause of dull hair. To maintain their shine, we prefer lukewarm water with a final cold rinse to tighten the scales.

Consume nutrients good for hair

Vitamins A and C, iron, proteins, zinc and Omega-3 are valuable allies in the fight against dull hair. Even more, they allow you to regain healthy and strong hair, limit hair loss and stimulate regrowth. Brewer's yeast as a food supplement or powder is another natural solution to provide suppleness, shine and vigor to the hair. All, naturally!

October 09, 2023