Do you have fine hair? So stop everything. We have found THE brush that is perfectly suited to your hair. Boost volume, nutrition and shine: with the boar bristle brush, the daily life of your fine hair will never be the same!

What are the characteristics of fine hair?

  • Lack of volume: the hair fiber of fine hair has the particularity of having a small diameter. Hair appears stuck to the roots, giving it a flat, featureless appearance.
  • Fragility: having less material to resist external aggression, fine hair tends to be more fragile and brittle.
  • Static electricity: the lightness of fine hair means that it is easily lifted at the slightest friction with an ill-suited brush or clothing, for example.
  • “Greasy” effect: the hair follicles of fine hair are generally more numerous and the production of sebum is therefore greater.

The benefits of the boar bristle brush on fine hair

Which brush for fine hair? To this question, the boar bristle brush is undoubtedly the most suitable answer. Here's why.

Boar bristle brush moisturizes fine hair

The boar bristle brush will allow the entire hair fiber to benefit from the nourishing and protective effects of sebum by distributing it from roots to ends. This action is possible thanks to the fibrous texture of boar hairs which grabs the sebum instead of sliding over it without distributing it (like plastic, wooden or nylon pins). Result: the scalp is freed from accumulated sebum which gives this flat effect, the hair is less greasy and the fiber is nourished naturally.

At Altesse Studio, we have designed a boar bristle brush for fine hair . A true hair treatment, it goes beyond the boundaries of a simple styling tool. Its expert layering with 1st cut wild boar bristles offers precise and efficient brushing. The result: softer, stronger and shinier fine hair.

With the boar bristle brush, no more electric hair

Brushing your hair with a boar bristle brush is THE essential step in your fine hair routine. Beyond its nourishing action, this styling tool allows you to say goodbye to the phenomenon of static electricity, one of the pet peeves of fine hair. Yes, boar hair is made up of keratin (identical to that of our hair fiber). When brushing, this does not create opposing charges, causing the appearance of static electricity on fine hair . On the contrary, it will be able to neutralize it to calmly benefit from all the benefits of wild boar hair.

Brushing with a boar bristle brush adds volume to fine hair

How to add volume to fine hair ? To overcome the lack of volume and the “flat” appearance of this type of hair, the boar bristle brush is your best ally! In fact, it helps loosen the roots by ridding the scalp of accumulated sebum. No more “glued to the roots” appearance: the hair is nourished and the scalp is airy. We thus obtain a boost in volume, more hold and shine over the entire length, all naturally.

Our tip: for shiny hair and beautiful volume, we adopt the 100 brush strokes : brush 25 times from the roots to the ends, head up, left, right then down.