Do you use a plastic brush to detangle and brush your hair? If the answer is yes, know that this accessory is the number one enemy of your hair and your scalp. Discover in this article 5 reasons to replace your plastic brush with a quality brush.

No. 1 - The bristles of the plastic brush tend to pull out hair when detangling 

Detangling is an essential step in your hair routine. However, for many it is synonymous with suffering and hair loss. This is especially the case if you use a brush with rigid plastic pins. In fact, instead of gently removing the knots, they catch the hair and pull it out, because with the action of brushing the pin moves and frees a space between the rubber and the base of the pin, the hair then comes out. get stuck there causing breakage of the hair fiber.

Altesse Studio detangling brushes are made with bio-sourced nylon fibers and piled with an exclusive technique developed in our workshops. Designed to adapt to all hair types, fine to normal, thick or curly, they provide gentle, high-performance detangling while being very gentle and without breaking or tearing the hair.

No. 2 - The plastic brush produces static electricity

Small scientific point: static electricity is caused by the friction between two opposite electrical charges, one positively and the other negatively. If your hair stands up while styling, it is because its electrical charge is opposite to that of the comb or brush used. However, plastic tends to accentuate this phenomenon.

The solution ? Replace your plastic brush with a brush made from natural materials, known to reduce static electricity. Among them, wood is preferred, since it is a natural insulator. All Altesse Studio brushes are made from olive wood which, in addition to its aesthetics, helps to significantly reduce static electricity.

No. 3 - The boar bristle brush is more resistant than the plastic brush

In addition to its (very) bad ecological impact, plastic is easily damaged and deformed over time. Another drawback: the plastic bristles can break very easily during detangling or brushing, making it necessary to buy a new brush, again and again.

At Altesse Studio, boar bristle brushes from the Prestige collection are guaranteed for life. They owe their robustness to an expert stacking technique, combined with olive wood, known to be one of the strongest trees in the world.

N°4 - The boar bristle brush offers better diffusion of sebum when brushing

Unlike the plastic brush which does not retain sebum, the boar bristle brush provides both softness and hydration. Keratin fibers (boar hair or hair) have a fibrous structure which, unlike the smooth structures of plastic or wood pins, is capable of attaching and distributing excess sebum.

This specificity makes it capable of retaining sebum and distributing it from roots to ends, providing hydration and shine to your hair, in addition to halving the frequency of shampooing!

In other words, your plastic brush will not bring any benefit to your hair, its only use will be to detangle it, even if it remains aggressive for the hair fiber as we saw in our reason No. 2.

 Please note : in order for the sebum to properly reach your ends, it is essential to brush your hair well , morning and evening.

No. 5 - The boar bristle brush is gentler on the scalp

The bristles of the plastic brush are particularly aggressive for the scalp. Result: the sebaceous glands secrete more sebum than necessary. This is without taking into account the abrasive effect of plastic brushes which can cause irritation and tingling accompanied by dandruff and scales.

To avoid such discomfort, the boar bristle brush is your best ally. She gives him a gentle massage, helping him to get rid of accumulated impurities without attacking him.

May 03, 2023