If oily hair is a major problem, dry hair is not left out. Sometimes brittle, dull or split: discover the tips with guaranteed effectiveness to regain suppleness and hydration.

Why is my hair dry?

Dry hair is characterized by a weakening of the hair fiber and a porous effect, mainly due to an increased need for hydration and deep nutrition. Beyond a genetic background, this problem can be reinforced due to multiple external factors and attacks. Among them, the sun, dust, wind, or even friction with accessories such as hats, hats, scarves or helmets. To remedy this, specific attention should be paid to your hair routine, but also to your brushing habits.

How do I take care of and repair my dry hair?

Many natural remedies help keep hair healthier. Ancestral care and grandmother's remedies are among our favorite methods. For example, oil baths. Perfect for nourishing dry hair, vegetable oils have many properties to improve hair fiber. Olive oil, argan, sweet almond, coconut or avocado feature prominently in many other products sold in stores. To double the nutrition of the hair with a boost and accelerate its growth, castor oil is the key ingredient to rely on. Finally, hair types that tend to grease easily can turn to oils such as hazelnut or jojoba. The idea behind this technique: to provide the hair with the fatty acids it lacks so much. Another tip is to brush shea butter from the tip to the roots, avoiding the scalp. More than hydrating it, the ingredient promises to give shine to dry and dull hair. Masks are also wonderful allies: with aloe vera for gentle hydration, with egg wash and olive oil for incomparable shine. Impossible to forget the simplest and most economical technique: spacing out your shampoos. As the scalp produces little sebum, there is no point in washing your head too frequently; conversely, washing too frequently would tend to damage the hair. By spacing out its usual frequency in this way, sebum naturally nourishes the dehydrated scalp. Another alternative: try the sebum cure over the longer term.

Careful brushing: an asset for nourishing dry hair naturally

You will have understood: dry hair means lack of hydration, but also scalp lagging behind in its sebum secretion. Brushing your hair can be an everyday action to remedy this persistent problem. In fact, through the action of brushing, the tool gently massages the skull and scalp, thus stimulating them. The beauty gesture also evenly distributes sebum from roots to ends. Even in small quantities, the serum naturally present on your head will have the effect of providing more hydration to your lengths. The key: healthy-looking fibers, regained shine in record time and self-regulation of the health of your hair. But don't forget that good tools make good workers, just like good Altesse Studio brushes make the most beautiful hair!