A large majority of people tend to wash their heads every day. Their desire: to sport perfect hair, as shiny as it is voluminous. However, this habit is an error which, conversely, will disrupt the proper maintenance of your hair fiber. Explanations.

Wanting too much Rapunzel hair, we all tend to want to do too much! Perhaps you will recognize yourself in this portrait where the shampooing step becomes an almost systematic phase with each shower. However, the secret to beautiful hair lies in a good hair routine - namely combining conscientious brushing with a smart hair washing frequency.

Space out your shampoos: why is it better for your hair?

In your quest for perfection, you make the mistake of washing your hair too much. This laudable intention is fortunately a reversible blunder. In order to better understand the process to follow, it is essential to know the real usefulness of spacing out your shampoos in the future. First of all, to save time. Longer hair people know: a shampoo extends the shower stage, by around ten to twenty minutes depending on the length and type of your hair. But also, too frequent shampooing - often using stripping products - attacks the scalp. Result: you disrupt the natural sebum production of your fiber, and your hair quickly becomes oily again. Another disadvantage: in some cases, dandruff can appear — flaking off both your scalp and leaving behind whitish fragments visible at the base of your scalp and on your clothes.

Space out your shampoos: the importance of the transition period

The remedy for hair that becomes greasy quickly or increased flaking is simple: take it easy and space out the frequency of your shampoos. If the request seems childish, most nevertheless find it difficult to stick to it and return to their habits. At issue: the transition period. Under this obscure term lies the longest and most difficult step to complete. Each individual reacts differently — since we are all unique beings — and the transition duration cannot therefore be predefined for anyone. By spacing out your shampoos at a rate of 2, maximum 3 washes per week, you will certainly have the impression of having sticky and dirty hair. However, it is important to break the vicious circle of daily washing which, contrary to what one might think, promotes the production of sebum. Paradoxically, you will have to wait until your hair gets used to this new rhythm to regulate the excess sebum secreted. However, there is nothing more effective than a good daily hair brushing ritual to keep your hair clean between shampoos.

Space out your shampoos: the usefulness of a boar bristle brush

Naturally healthy and clean hair is obtained through the right equation of conscious brushing and a regular shampoo routine. To optimize the desired results - and minimize the transition period - opt for an Altesse Studio boar bristle brush . This universal fiber is presented as being best suited to rid your hair of impurities accumulated throughout the day, such as environmental particles or dust.

With at least two brushings per day with an Altesse Studio brush, this transition can be rapid: between 1 and 2 months. More precisely, count: 1 to 3 weeks only for short hair, 3 to 5 weeks for mid-length hair and 5 to 8 weeks for long hair for the sebum to distribute from the roots to the ends.

Please note: our usage tests carried out with our customers indicate real results once the transition is made. Generally speaking, after only 4 weeks, 92% of consumers surveyed revealed that using an Altesse Studio boar bristle brush adds shine to the hair, 87% noted a good distribution of sebum and 94% also claim to have smoother hair with less frizz.

To regain its vitality and ideal luster, the hair must be treated from the roots using the scalp massage provided by the brush.

The tip: the more persistent and rigorous you are in your transition, the quicker this phase will be. Especially since, once the period is over, your hair will definitely adopt the routine! Getting there ensures healthy hair and scalp.