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Luxury Hair Care

SINCE 1875


Brushmaking is an art that Altesse Studio has been practicing with elegance and passion since 1875 in its French workshops.

Almost 150 years later, and having manufactured over millions of brushes, we are proud to offer what are perhaps the best brushes in the world.

The brush of a lifetime. The one that suits your needs.

What if you held the most durable and efficient beauty accessory in your hands?


Our history

French creator and manufacturer of hairbrushes for six generations, we perpetuate the tradition of the profession of brushmaker thanks to ancestral know-how and respect for criteria of excellence.


Drawing on our know-how, we have completely redesigned our brush collections to offer everyone, whatever your hair type, what is perhaps the best brush in the world.


Thanks to our know-how and the quality of our products, more than 50 brands around the world have called on Altesse Studio to create their range of hair and beard brushes.