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Brushmaking is an art that Altesse Studio has been practicing with elegance & passion since 1875 in its workshops in France.

French creator and manufacturer of hairbrushes for six generations, we perpetuate the tradition of the profession of brushmaker thanks to ancestral know-how and respect for criteria of excellence.

In 2022, with Altesse Studio, the art of taking care of your hair is entering a new era, that of brushing.

A look back at a history of transmission, passion and French excellence which has always placed the brush, an everyday object, at the center of beauty routines.

Studio de création de brosses à cheveux - Altesse Studio


Creation of the Fournival brush factory in the heart of the Thérain valley (Picardie), cradle of French brush-making by the first generation represented by the great-grandfather Léon Etienne FOURNIVAL. In its early days, the Maison Fournival Altesse made toothbrushes fashioned from the bones of ox and horse femur or even ivory.

Fabrication d'une brosse 100% fait-main - Altesse Studio
Fabrication de brosses à cheveux haut de gamme et luxe - Altesse Studio


Specialization in manufacture of high-end and luxury hairbrushes. An embodied know-how by a collection of brushes entirely shaped and mounted by hand, in the purest brush tradition.


After having cut his teeth with his father and his grandfather, André Jean FOURNIVAL, 3rd generation at the head of the company, created the brand ALTESSE. Like haute-couture creations, our hairbrushes are distinguished by their high quality and will be distributed to hairdresser wholesalers and Parisian perfumeries.


François André FOURNIVAL, integrates the family company and embodies the 4th generation of brush craftsmen. It perpetuates and promotes the ancestral know-how of hairbrush manufacturing by developing private label manufacturing for the big names in the world of hairdressing and beauty.

Fabrication artisanale de brosses à cheveux - Altesse Studio
Empoilage mécanique des poils de sanglier - Altesse Studio


Mr. Jacques GAILLARD, himself the grandson of a brushmaker and former manager of La Brosse et Dupont, buys the company placed in compulsory liquidation in order to safeguard the last French manufacturer of hairbrushes and its ancestral know-how. In 2016, his daughter Julia TISSOT-GAILLARD took over to become the 6th generation of brushmakers to perpetuate a tradition and unique know-how while focusing on innovation.


Recognition of our exceptional know-how by the French State thanks to the “Living Heritage Company” label. This label aims to reward the excellence of French know-how, and in the case of Fournival Altesse, our traditional brush-making know-how.

Take your hair routine to the next level - Altesse Studio


The French group Chargeurs, world leader in niche markets, wants to get into personal care and lifestyle products by taking over companies with exceptional know-how. Their first acquisition turned to FOURNIVAL ALTESSE with the ambition of giving it the means to expand its notoriety in France and internationally.


Fournival Altesse becomes ALTESSE STUDIO. Our ambition: to become the world leader in hairbrushes. We push our know-how ever further by creating custom-made products with unrivalled performance in order to offer the best to all hair types. Make way for a hair routine, between performance and naturalness. Choosing an Altesse Studio hairbrush means choosing a French quality brush, a brush that improves the quality of the hair.

Luxury Hair Care depuis 1875 - Altesse Studio