The prestige brush that is passed down from generation to generation

Elegance & performance

An incredible beauty treatment!

“Beauty of the object and of the hair... An everyday magic that we never tire of! »

Brushes with proven effectiveness


found their hair shinier


notice a better distribution of sebum


observe a considerable reduction in breakage and hair loss

Study carried out by RS Developpement in February 2022 on a panel of 50 consumers over a period of 4 weeks


Which brush is right for you?

The brushes of a lifetime

Brushmaking is an art that Altesse Studio has practiced with elegance and passion since 1875 in its French workshops.

Almost 150 years later, and having manufactured several million hairbrushes, we are proud to offer the best hairbrushes in the world.

Whether to detangle or take care of your hair, our expertise serves the performance and beauty of all hair.

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