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PRESTIGE - "Military" brush 100% handmade

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"High-quality product, easy to use, well-suited storage rack." Chantal

Structures hair softens beard

The exceptional hairbrush for all hair types and beard softening.

  • Plus: packaging designed as a nomadic case to protect your brush. Made from recycled plastic, it can also be used as a storage box.
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Made in France
Shipped within 24-48 hours
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94% of people experience hair smoothing and frizz reduction
87% of people observe a better distribution of natural oils


Exceptional care

A brush specially developed for hair and beard care.

The haute couture of French brushmaking .

This brush was made entirely by hand, using 19th century manufacturing techniques. From the shaping of the handle to the drilling anddrilling, everything is done by hand.

A 100% boar bristles brush for visible results

Boar's hair (composed of keratin) is the only fiber capable of delivering real benefits. Why? Because it has a fibrous structure capable of capturing and distributing natural oils from roots to tips, unlike nylon fibers or wood pimples, which have a smooth structure incapable of capturing natural oils.

For hair, the distribution of natural oils naturally nourishes and protects it. This regulation of natural oils also means your hair regresses less quickly, so you'll need to wash it less often. What's more, our hair-pooling technique energetically massages your scalp, encouraging new growth.

For beards, boar bristles will smooth and structure your hair, while making it soft to the touch.

Numbered brush, repairable for life and handed down from generation to generation

Our 100% handmade hairbrushes come with a numbered certificate of authenticity.
These exceptional brushes last a lifetime, or even several lifetimes. And should they become damaged over the decades, we'll be there to repair them, which is why they're repairable for life.

We've developed a new piling technique to suit both sparse and dense hair and beard types, so this hairbrush, as well as being repairable for life, can be passed on from generation to generation, regardless of hair or beard type.

A format designed for daily use on the move

We've developed a unique format that provides effective brushing while being suitable for on-the-go use.

Inside your box, you'll find our Hair Routine Guide, which groups together our different routines adapted to your hair type, as well as our advice on how to care for your hairbrush.

Following your purchase, you'll also have free access to our coaching program, which will guide you step by step and give you all the advice you need for healthy hair.

Handle: olive wood
Wood finish: hand-oiled with linseed oil
Fiber: 100% boar bristles 1st recut (the rarest, most expensive and most effective part of the hair)


found their hair shinier


have seen a better distribution of natural oils


have observed a considerable reduction in hair loss and breakage

Studies conducted by RS Developpement in February 2022 on a panel of 50 consumers over a 4-week period.

The brush of a lifetime

This hairbrush is made entirely by hand, exactly as it was
in the 19th century. Exceptional craftsmanship guarantees a top-of-the-range hairbrush .

 Its promise: to become the brush of a lifetime, handed down
from generation to generation. The one that, over the course of styling, offers special attention to every type of hair. The one that, by virtue of its manufacture, proves to be a haute couture accessory of incomparable quality.

The secret? The combination of unique French know-how and the finest, most respectful wild boar silk.

Designed as a top-of-the-range object, it can be repaired for life, and can be taken with you wherever you go.

A luxury hair brush for exceptional customers

Lucky owners of an Altesse Prestige brush are invited to join the "Prestige Club". This private circle will allow you to certify your luxury boar bristle brush and give you access to our repair service (remember, the Altesse Prestige hair brush is repairable for life). But that's not all: our members also receive exclusive offers, news and novelties.