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Boar bristle or biosourced nylon brush: two Altesse Studio collections

Discover our collections of brushes made in France: innovation and performance echo our know-how from nearly 150 years of expertise. A universe of passion where every detail is designed to embrace excellence.

Our Beauty and Prestige collections are the result of unique expertise, combined with top quality materials to enhance your hair, day after day: nylon fibers to detangle and boar hair to style and care. With our French-made brushes, the alliance between efficiency and sensoriality takes on its full meaning.


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Brosse démêlante et son écrin - Altesse Studio
Brosse à cheveux démêlage en douceur - Altesse Studio

Boar hair brushes, made in France, with passion

It is in Picardy, in the heart of the Thérain valley, that our workshops have perpetuated the tradition of the brushmaking profession for six generations. Guided by passion and excellence, we put all our expertise at the service of your hair.

Our boar hair brushes are handmade by our artisans and made into high-end care objects to enhance your hair. Olive wood, wild boar hair, biosourced nylon fibers: we have chosen to work exclusively with high quality raw materials.

Exceptional know-how which was recognized in 2017 and renewed in 2023 by the French State with the obtaining of the exceptional “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV)” label.

The Altesse Beauté collection: care and detangling with French quality brushes

La brosse de démêlage permet une bonne répartition des crèmes et soin
Brosse à cheveux démêlage en douceur - Altesse Studio
Our detangling brushes in biosourced nylon

For the first step in your hair ritual, we have designed detangling brushes made in France, made with nylon fiber, 94% biosourced. Their power? They detangle the lengths like magic and remove knots without pain or breakage. As for the scalp, it feels a gentle caress with each pass of your detangling hairbrush.

Brosse à cheveux de soin - Altesse Studio
Brosses de soin pour chaque typologie de cheveux - Altesse Studio
Our boar bristle brushes, care hair brushes

After having thoroughly detangled your hair, comes the brushing stage with our boar bristle brushes from the Beauty collection . Made with first-cut hairs - stacked on an oval pad - they adapt to all hair types: fine to normal or thick or curly. Their fibrous structure and composed of 100% keratin (like your hair) allows sebum to be distributed evenly, from roots to ends. The result is nourished, supple and shiny hair that becomes more beautiful with each brushing.

La brosse brushing soigne et fait briller les cheveux naturellement
Brosse ronde pour tout type de cheveux - Altesse Studio
Our boar bristle blow drying brush

For fans of blow-drying, the round “Brushing and shine” brush will be your new ally for styling and protecting your hair from the heat of the hair dryer. Made from pure boar hair, it smoothes and makes the hair fiber shine. In addition, drying time is reduced thanks to the tapered installation which separates the hair 1 by 1.

The Altesse Prestige collection: high-end boar bristle brushes

La brosse d'une vie, 100% fait-main | Altesse Studio
High-end brushes, 100% hand-made, 100% Made in France

Our boar bristle hairbrushes from the Prestige collection are exceptional pieces, entirely handmade using techniques from the 19th century. Beyond a care accessory, these are haute couture objects, the fruit of know-how unique in France. Guaranteed for life, they are passed down from generation to generation.

Behind the unrivaled performance of an Altesse Studio boar bristle brush, 2 key elements:

First-cut, 100% natural boar hair . Soft and firm at the same time, it penetrates all hair densities and thicknesses. Its fiber attaches the sebum to the root and distributes it over the entire length, while providing a stimulating massage to the scalp.

Innovative stacking and tapering , produced by
the expert hands of our craftsmen. Precise, meticulous and rare work that transforms styling into an exceptional experience, and suitable for all hair types.