ALTESSE STUDIO - Cleaning brush

An essential!

"...Compact, it cleans thoroughly, and gently with great ease of handling..." Sylvain

The essential accessory for cleaning and taking care of your hairbrushes.

Cleaning tutorial
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If you use your hairbrush twice a day, it will quickly accumulate dirt, dust and hair. This is why we recommend cleaning it after each use.

With this cleaning brush, easily remove impurities and hair stuck in the fibers of your hairbrush by rubbing this cleaning brush on the head of your brush.

Its rigid fibers are made to pass effectively between our nylon fibers or boar hair without damaging them.

To clean your brush:
01-Pass the cleaning brush through the fibers of the brush. Carry out this cleaning fibers downwards, this will allow dust and other impurities to fall directly.
02-Once a week, clean your brush head thoroughly with lukewarm water and a drop of shampoo. Watch our tutorial on this subject.

Sleeve :olive wood
Wood finish:hand oiled with linseed oil
Fibers:100% nylon


found their hair shinier


noticed a better distribution of sebum


observed a considerable reduction in hair breakage and loss

Studies carried out by RS Developpement in February 2022 on a panel of 50 consumers over a period of 4 weeks

Noble materials for a durable brush.

Olive wood, in addition to its natural beauty, is an insulator to reduce the static electricity created by the friction of brushing. Each piece is shaped in the mass, creating a unique piece every time.

Finally, its natural linseed oil finish makes this brush a durable product that will stand the test of time.