Cheveux électriques : Nos astuces pour s’en débarrasser

Cheveux électriques : Nos astuces pour s’en débarrasser

Avec les températures à la baisse, les cheveux ont tendance à devenir électriques. En enfilant un pull ou même en se brossant la chevelure comme à son habitude : voilà que l’électricité statique s’invite. Pour éviter ce désagrément capillaire, voici quelques astuces simples et efficaces à suivre.
March 19, 2023 — Anaïs CARRERE
Stop aux cheveux mousseux et frisottis : pourquoi la brosse est-elle la meilleure solution naturelle ?

Stop aux cheveux mousseux et frisottis : pourquoi la brosse est-elle la meilleure solution naturelle ?

Pour lutter contre les frisottis et les cheveux mousseux, il existe une solution naturelle redoutablement efficace et pourtant encore méconnue : l’utilisation d’une brosse en poils de sanglier. Un type de brosse à cheveux qui permet de faire passer le brossage dans une dimension supérieure, celle du soin. Explications.
March 14, 2023 — Anaïs CARRERE
Se laver les cheveux tous les jours : bonne ou mauvaise idée ?

Washing your hair every day: good or bad idea?

It is now customary to know that spacing out your shampoos is a good idea for healthier hair. However, certain habits remain well anchored in your routines, like that of washing your hair every day. Why is it better to avoid it? How to succeed in adopting a new hair routine without flinching? What are the unstoppable tips and tricks to continue your efforts over time? We have concocted a survival guide for you.
February 22, 2023 — Anaïs CARRERE
Se brosser les cheveux, oui mais quand ?

Brush your hair, yes, but when?

Brushing your hair: when, how, why? If the beauty gesture makes it possible to maintain and make your hair shine, it must be carried out according to the rules of the art. Follow our brushing tips to optimize the health of your hair, but also that of your scalp.
February 17, 2023 — Anaïs CARRERE
Comment bien faire un shampoing ?

How to properly shampoo?

The question might seem simplistic, and yet… The key to beautiful hair goes through a good shampoo, carried out according to the rules of the art. Here are some explanations to help you wash your hair as it should.
February 02, 2023 — Anaïs CARRERE
Cure de sébum : démêler le vrai du faux

Sebum cure: disentangling the real from the fake

The expression is on everyone's lips, and yet many people do not know what a sebum cure really is. We help you to see more clearly with this true/false to better live this famous period of transition!
January 26, 2023 — Anaïs CARRERE
La bonne méthode pour espacer ses shampoings

The right way to space out your shampoos

A large majority of people tend to wash their heads every day. Their desire: to wear perfect hair, as shiny as it is voluminous. However, this habit is an error which, conversely, will disrupt the proper maintenance of your hair fiber. Explanations.

January 04, 2023 — Anaïs CARRERE
Comment démêler ses cheveux sans les abîmer ?

How to detangle your hair without damaging it?

The moment of brushing allows you to take your hair back in hand. However, many people dread this step, which is too often synonymous with suffering and hair loss. If you recognize yourself in this situation, read more carefully what follows…
December 28, 2022 — Anaïs CARRERE
Cheveux gras : pourquoi miser sur une brosse en poils de sanglier ?

Oily hair: why bet on a boar bristle brush?

It is no coincidence that the boar bristle brush is recognized for its virtues in the field of hair. Hygienic, beneficial for growth but also essential for a shiny fiber: the tool is the must-have of any good bathroom. Whatever your hair type, it is essential. And, contrary to popular belief, oily hair has every interest in using it wisely.

December 21, 2022 — Anaïs CARRERE
Comment choisir la meilleure brosse selon son type de cheveux ?

How to choose the best brush according to your hair type?

The keys to a quality brushing pass above all by a tool well adapted to its type of hair. Straight or curly, oily or dry: each hair has its own routine. Discover your ideal brush with this guide.
November 22, 2022 — Anaïs CARRERE
Nettoyer sa brosse à cheveux à l'aide de sa brosse nettoyante

Thoroughly clean your hairbrush

Cleaning your hairbrush is essential to take care of your lengths, guarantee effective brushing and the longevity of this essential hair accessory. Our expert brush tips for caring for your boar bristle or nylon fiber brush.
September 13, 2022 — Anaïs CARRERE
Bien se brosser les cheveux : le geste essentiel de votre routine cheveux

Brushing your hair well: the essential gesture of your hair routine

Sometimes underestimated, brushing is the first step to take care of your lengths and improve the quality of your hair naturally. Altesse Studio reveals why and how to integrate this gesture into your hair routine.
September 13, 2022 — Thomas Kolbé