The Beauty collection


To style and protect your hair from the heat of the hair dryer during brushing, Altesse Studio has created a round brush.

Its promise: accelerate brushing, accentuate smoothing and bring shine.
The secret: a round wooden brush, finished by hand, in pure boar hair for maximum shine and smoothing effect. Its tapered implantation separates the hair one by one to reduce drying time.

A round brush for styling and respecting all types of hair during brushing.

Discover the brushing brush from the Beauty Collection. To style and protect your hair effectively, Altesse Studio has created a round boar bristle brush dedicated to brushings. For all hair types, all lengths. A real hairstyling object, this hairbrush also brings shine to the lengths and eliminates frizz.

Thanks to our expertise and know-how in the art of brushmaking, this round brush respects the hair fiber to style your hair gently.