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To put brushing back at the heart of your beauty routine and take care of your hair every day, Altesse Studio has created these care brushes.

Their promise: to beautify and improve the quality of your hair, brush after brush, in order to better distribute and absorb natural oils to space out shampoos.

The secret: the noblest and best of qualities from boar bristles , so that over and over again, lengths are nourished, protected and smoothed.

We have created brushes dedicated to thin to medium hair and thick to curly hair, so that all hair can regain its beauty and shine in a natural way.


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the star of your hair routine

Altesse Studio care brushes are made from boar bristles 1st recut, and impregnated with a unique technique adapted to each hair type. These quality hair brushes ensure efficient styling and high care performance: the fibrous structure of boar bristles enables natural oils to be caught right at the roots and distributed throughout the length of the hair. Your hair fiber is nourished and your scalp oxygenated thanks to the massaging action of boar bristles.

All of which make this brush the ideal tool for natural hair care. Brush after brush, and improve the quality of your hair with hairbrush in boar bristles.

Repair hairbrush with proven efficacy - Altesse Studio
High quality hair brushes with a thousand benefits

Altesse Studio hairbrushes are genuine styling tools designed to adapt to your hair type, thanks to expert interlocking. Firm but soft at the same time for thin to medium hair, it is worked differently for thick and curly hair. The aim? To penetrate the hair and massage the scalp without the need for nylon pins.

And that's not all: all Altesse Studio brushes are also made from wood, an insulator that limits static electricity created by friction during brushing. Their design, which elegantly reproduces the curves of a lock of hair, has been studied for a good grip on the handle and better control of brushing.

Care and shine brush - Altesse Studio
Brushes made in France, with passion and expertise

In Picardy, in the heart of the Thérain valley, our workshops have been perpetuating the tradition of brushmaking trade for six generations. Guided by passion and excellence, we put all our expertise at your hair's service.

Our boar bristle brushes are handmade by our craftsmen and transformed into high-quality hair care products to enhance the beauty of your thick, curly or thin hair. Olive wood, boar bristles, biosourced nylon fibers: we have chosen to work exclusively with high-end raw materials.

Exceptional know-how that has been recognized and rewarded since 2017 by the French government with our "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV)" label, and renewed in 2023.

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