Thick or curly hair

BEAUTÉ - "Gentle Detangling" hairbrush

Magic detangling Painless No breakage

The ideal hairbrush for magical, gentle detangling

  • Plus: a case designed as a mobile dressing table to protect your hairbrush. Made from recycled plastic, it can also be used as a jewelry box or make-up case.
  • The alternative: the "imperfect" brush for tighter budgets.
Detangling tutorial
Perfect Imperfect
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Painless, breakage-free detangling

This hairbrush guarantees precise yet gentle detangling. The supple nylon fiber and specially developed nap ensure gentle detangling of thick or curly hair.

Magic detangling and reduced drying time

Made from biosourced nylon fibers and interwoven using an exclusive technique developed in our workshops, this hairbrush will ensure "magical" detangling of your hair. As well as gently detangling hair, this hairbrush separates hair so finely that drying time is considerably reduced.

Efficient distribution of care

This vegan hairbrush is also ideal for the application of hair care products, as its tufts are able to separate your hair precisely for better product distribution.

The alternative for tighter budgets

To reduce waste, we offer "imperfect" brushes at a reduced price. These brushes have slight visual defects (e.g.: slight nick in the wooden handle, slight defect in the inlaid monogram, defects on the packaging) and are put aside by our quality control. However, in order not to throw them away, and as they perform as well as the so-called "perfect" brushes, we wanted to offer them at a reduced price.

A format designed for more precise brushing

Whether you're looking for large size brushes for your bathroom, or medium-sized brushes for on-the-go use, the size and shape of the handle have been designed to ensure better control of brushing pressure and better adaptation to the contours of the scalp.

Step 1 of your hair routine

This hairbrush detangling brush will enable you to carry out the first stage of your hair routine: the detangling phase.
Detangling is always carried out starting from the ends and working your way up, little by little, towards the roots, so as not to increase the pressure on knots.

For stage 2 of your hair routine, discover our hairbrush care brush for thick or curly hair. Or find these two brushes in a box, at a special price, for a complete routine.

Inside your box, you'll find our Hair Routine Guide, which groups together our different routines adapted to your hair type, as well as our advice on how to care for your hairbrush.

Following your purchase, you'll also have free access to our coaching program, which will guide you step by step and give you all the advice you need for healthy hair.

Handle: olive wood
Wood finish: hand-oiled with linseed oil
Fibers: 100% biobased nylon (94%)
Cushion: natural latex


found their hair shinier


have seen a better distribution of natural oils


have observed a considerable reduction in hair loss and breakage

Studies conducted by RS Developpement in February 2022 on a panel of 50 consumers over a 4-week period.

The gentle performance ritual

The secret to detangling your hair? A unique weave that respects the hair fiber and scalp. Swap your comb for our nylon brush for pain-free, knot-free detangling. It separates hair so finely that it distributes care products more evenly, and considerably reduces drying time. Using a quality brush is the best way to ensure gentle, effective detangling.

But that's not all: this brush is also made from olive wood, a natural insulator that limits the static electricity created by friction during brushing. Their design, elegantly echoing the curves of a lock of hair, has been studied for a good grip on the handle and better control of brushing.

The Imperfects

Our commitment: an ethical and responsible alternative

Excellence and quality are the watchwords at Altesse Studio , and we always strive to
to always offer products of exceptional quality.

And yet, some of our hairbrushes, although they don't meet our
our criteria of excellence, are just as good as their "Perfect" counterparts.
their "Perfect" counterparts. That's why we offer you "Les
Imparfaites", hairbrushes with slight aesthetic flaws (small asperities in the wood, etc.).
in the wood, defects in the inlaid monogram, imperfections on the case)
but just as beneficial for your hair.

Brushes with an even more unique character, offered at a reduced price to meet
for tighter budgets.