As with choosing your hair care products, you should take your hair type into account when defining your styling routine. Indeed, thick hair has specific needs. Detangling and brushing them appropriately, and with a good brush, allows you to take care of them and enhance your hair. Explanations.


Thick hair has the particularity of having a high density (which means that the hair fiber has a large diameter) and of being implanted en masse on the scalp (which means that there are many per cm2) . Two characteristics that make this hair sometimes difficult to tame. Prone to dry lengths, frizz or even knots, this type of hair needs a suitable detangling and brushing routine to reveal all its beauty. But above all, you should choose a brush dedicated to thick hair. Choosing your hairbrush is essential to obtain optimal results. We tell you everything.

Which brush for thick hair to choose?

In order to smooth frizz, avoid tangles and take care of lengths, it is important to choose a brush suitable for thick hair. Among the recommended brushes: the detangling brush and the boar bristle brush.

The detangling brush

Detangling your hair helps prevent tangles, but also promotes blood circulation to the scalp. This action, essential for the beauty and good health of the hair, must be carried out with a brush adapted to your hair type. In addition, for precise, painless and breakage-free detangling, choose a brush with soft, multiple and tapered nylon fibers.

At Altesse Studio, our detangling brushes from the Beauty Collection are made of a bio-sourced nylon fiber and stacked with a unique technique which ensures “magical” detangling of hair and is available for thick or curly hair .

The boar bristle brush

A true hair care product, the boar hair brush is also a great ally for enhancing thick hair. Indeed, this type of brush, whose fiber contains keratin (like your hair), has the ability to distribute sebum from roots to ends to perfection. This helps nourish the lengths, and thus prevents them from drying out. The hair thus regains softness, suppleness and shine after brushing. That's not all, the boar hair brush also helps to smooth the hair fiber and eliminate frizz, while taming it. You will also promote blood circulation to the scalp, thus facilitating regrowth, and eliminating impurities accumulated throughout the day.

At Altesse Studio, our boar hair care brushes from the Beauty Collection are high quality and available for thick or curly hair .

How to detangle and brush your thick hair?

To regain all its beauty, your thick hair also needs to be brushed properly. To do this, you must adopt a hair routine including two simple actions: detangling (using your detangling brush) and brushing treatment version (using your boar hair brush).

3 tips for detangling thick hair

  • Use a detangling brush on dry or damp hair. In fact, when they are saturated with water, wet hair is more fragile.
  • Detangle your lengths starting at the ends and gradually moving towards the roots.
  • Detangle your hair in the evening, before going to sleep. This avoids knots and painful detangling when you wake up.

3 tips for brushing thick hair care

  • Carefully brush with a boar brush on dry hair. This is an essential recommendation to properly distribute sebum and thus nourish the hair fiber.
  • Use the legendary 100 brush strokes technique.
  • Brush your hair morning and evening. This allows for complete and ultra-effective treatment.