A true reference in terms of quality and efficiency, the boar bristle brush is an essential part of any hair routine. For oily hair types, it is essential. Here's why.

It is no coincidence that the boar bristle brush is recognized for its virtues in the field of hair. Hygienic, beneficial for growth but also essential for a shiny fiber: the tool is the must-have of any good bathroom. Whatever your hair type, it is essential. And, contrary to popular belief, oily hair has every interest in using it wisely.

Oily hair: a problem to understand

Complaining tirelessly about greasy hair is not a solution in itself. To learn to live with your hair quality and take advantage of it, you must first understand the mechanism that creates this excess sebum. We call oily hair those whose scalp quickly becomes adipose. At the origin: sebum. This substance is produced by the sebaceous glands which are found at the base of body hair. Mixed with sweat, it forms a hydrolipidic film that protects the skin and scalp from drying out and microbes — and is therefore beneficial for our health. However, produced in excess, the sebum engorges the pilosebaceous follicles and asphyxiates the roots. Result: the hair looks dull and greasy. In addition to the hereditary factor, other parameters such as hormonal imbalance, taking medication, emotional shock, stress, pollution or poor diet can intensify its effect.

Boar bristle brush: a miracle cure for oily hair

Oily hair has the particularity of producing more sebum than another type. What might seem like a disadvantage can turn out, conversely, to be a real beauty asset! By using a boar bristle brush, the sebum spreads evenly along the hair — making the hair fiber soft, shiny and healthy. This distribution has a double advantage: on the one hand, brushing prevents the accumulation of sebum on your roots; on the other hand, the sebum evenly dispersed throughout the hair will help fight drier lengths better — providing nutrition, softness and shine.

Boar bristle brush: multiple benefits for hair beauty

Beyond the simple aesthetic aspect of a perfect luster, the boar bristle brush, through its distributing action, acts like a treatment on several levels.

  • It stimulates hair regrowth, by activating blood circulation from its source, at the level of the skull.
  • It smooths and tames the hair mass by reducing unwanted frizz.
  • It limits static electricity.
  • It ensures better hygiene with more beautiful and supple hair, brushing ridding the remains of chemical or harmful products brought by the various treatments that you carry out in parallel.
  • Finally, the sebum diffused during brushing - through its nourishing action - reduces breakage in the lengths but also prevents hair loss.

Here is the proof that the gesture of good brushing, on condition of being lavished with the best accessory, is at the service of the health of your hair.

December 21, 2022