Detangling or care, fine to normal or thick or curly hair, there is definitely an Altesse Studio brush made for you!

Who doesn't dream of hair that sparkles with a thousand lights? Because having dull hair is not inevitable, Altesse Studio shares its advice with you for having shiny, soft and silky hair.

Why is hair dull?

When a hair is healthy, the scales of its cuticle are flattened and interlocked around the hair shaft. Result: they reflect light like a mirror.

In the case of dull hair, the scales are open and therefore no longer fulfill their role as a natural shield against external aggressions. Hair dryers, straighteners, chemicals, pollution, dust or even the sun: faced with repeated exposure, the hair fiber is increasingly vulnerable.

As a result, the irregularity of its surface prevents it from reflecting light and the hair takes on a dull appearance. Furthermore, when the scales are lifted, the hair is porous: it can no longer retain water or care. Added to the lack of shine is dehydration, brittle, rough and difficult to comb hair.

Solutions to have shiny hair

To have shiny hair like a hairdresser's, all you need is a few daily reflexes.

1. Brush your hair with a boar bristle brush

 For unrivaled shine, nothing beats a natural boar bristle brush. In fact, the fibrous structure of boar hair allows sebum to be distributed from root to tip, giving it an instant shiny appearance, in addition to hydrating the hair. And for such a result, the brushes from the Altesse Studio Soin collection are ideal. Dedicated to fine to normal and thick and curly hair, they provide incomparable shine to the hair fiber and beautify all hair. It's not for nothing that 92% of their users found their hair shinier!

Good to know : to build up shine, brush your hair (dry) every evening. And for optimal and complete care from the scalp to the ends, we use the legendary technique of 100 brush strokes .

2. Rinse with cold water for shiny, silky hair

This is the trick dreaded by the most cautious people. And yet, cold water is the best ally for finishing a shampoo beautifully...and with shine. The reason ? Unlike hot water which weakens the hair fiber and stimulates the sebaceous glands (hello hair that gets greasy too quickly), cool water tightens the hair scales. And as we saw above, very smooth scales reflect the light like a mirror!

But be careful, avoid using cold water during the entire rinse. Indeed, being not very effective in eliminating grease, it risks not rinsing your mask or conditioner well and making your hair dull. We therefore use lukewarm water, then finalize the rinse with a jet of cold water to make your hair shine brightly.

3. Space out shampoos, the key to making dull hair shine

While it is obviously important to wash your hair to rid it of impurities, you should not forget that shampoos contain surfactants. Used too frequently, they can disrupt natural sebum production. On the menu: risk of dehydration, discomfort (itching, irritation, dandruff) and hair that becomes greasy more quickly.

To regain shine and vitality in the long term, space out your shampoos at a rate of 2 to 3 washes per week. And to facilitate the transition period, we brush our hair twice a day with a boar bristle brush to remove impurities accumulated throughout the day. As a bonus: nourished and healthier hair, thanks to optimal distribution of sebum gently, from roots to ends.

June 27, 2023