The expression is on everyone's lips, and yet many people do not know what a sebum cure really is. We help you to see more clearly with this true/false to better live this famous period of transition!

Sebum production is a reaction to avoid: FALSE


Sebum is the lipid film secreted by our sebaceous glands, which protects the hair by lubricating the hair fiber and preventing it from drying out. Produced in too large quantities, it is responsible for the oily hair effect.

However, we must not forget its benefits for our hair. Opting for a transition period means guaranteeing the proper hydration of your hair, resting your scalp and allowing sebum production to self-regulate. In short, it's opting for a mane as healthy as it is radiant, but also spacing out your shampoos naturally! Note that the sebum cure is only to be preferred in the event of an acute problem because it may involve risks. In general, a routine with a boar bristle brush is sufficient.

<h2>No need for a sebum cure when our hair is already oily: FALSE<h2/>


Contrary to popular belief, a type of oily hair does not exclude the fact of benefiting from the cure. Everyone would benefit from treating themselves to a sebum cure. In practice, it is possible to do just one and then adopt a hair care routine with its boar bristle brush and space out the shampoos. Another option: carry out several sebum cures during the year, for example every 3 months, according to your needs. Obviously, fine and straight hair will tend to regrease quickly compared to thick, curly or frizzy hair – the first effects of which will be slower, and therefore less visible. A tip to prevent your hair from looking too greasy: change your pillowcase regularly during and after your treatment.

A sebum cure involves a mandatory transition period: TRUE


A sebum cure, to be fully effective, lasts about 1 month. During this time, no shampoo is allowed - which leads to the systematic appearance of greasy-looking hair, which one would tend to want to make disappear with a good shampoo! However, you have to keep up the effort.

Certain hairstyles can help hide the fatty aspect of her hair. The good news is that although the sebum cure is considered to last approximately one month - it can vary and last less depending on certain factors. Indeed, we can consider the cure finished once the sebum has reached the ends. 2 to 3 weeks may be enough for the shortest hair. Also, the thicker and longer your hair is, the longer it will take to reach the ends.

The sebum cure is too difficult to hold? You don't have an acute sebum problem? So the routine with a boar bristle brush is the best solution to clean up sebum production. This alternative will allow you to live this transition period more serenely!

During a sebum cure, we brush our hair morning and evening: TRUE


For the sebum to properly reach your ends, brushing is an essential step in the smooth running of your sebum cure. Morning and evening, it is a point of honor to take the time to indulge in this beauty gesture — ridding the scalp of impurities that clog pores in addition to distributing the serum throughout the hair.

Be careful, however, to remember to use a high quality boar bristle brush, like the Altesse Studio brushes. Remember, however, to wash your brush well , which collects excess sebum, dust and all the other impurities from your skull as you brush.

Once the sebum cure is complete, resume your usual hair routine: FALSE


After having succeeded in this one-month cure, it would be a shame to cancel all the benefits of your sebum cure by resuming an unsuitable routine. Once at the end of the cure, the scalp is rid of the chemical agents that can be found in certain hair products. The idea is therefore to pursue this path by opting for shampoos and hair care without harmful agents. The trend of low-poo , translated as "less shampoos", is also one of the alternatives to bet on in order to space out your shampoos and prolong the benefits of the sebum cure. In addition, it is important to continue the care brushing ritual with a boar bristle brush, which brings many benefits to the hair.

Did you know ? More than hydrated, shiny hair, all in volume and in full health, it is also hair that grows faster than you will get!

January 26, 2023