To combat frizz and frizzy hair, there is a natural solution that is extremely effective and yet still little known: the use of a boar bristle brush. A type of hairbrush that takes brushing to a higher dimension, that of care. Explanations.

Frizz and frizzy hair: what are the causes?

Frizz and frizzy hair can affect all hair types, whether straight or curly. In fact, this problem is due to a hair fiber which has become more porous than usual. The scales which cover the fiber are then very open and no longer properly play their role as a protective barrier. Hair is permeable to moisture, it is no longer able to retain the water it needs to stay properly hydrated. It is also more sensitive to external aggression, which weakens it and further promotes dehydration. Results: frizz appears, the hair takes on a frothy appearance, difficult to tame. The opening of the scales of the hair fiber, and therefore the high porosity of the hair, is often linked to a lack of hydration or nutrition. Dry hair is more prone to frizz. Likewise, hair damaged by too frequent use of shampoos, aggressive hair products or even by the use of repeated coloring and straightening is also more affected by this phenomenon. Also be aware that external aggressions such as exposure to UV rays, wearing a bonnet or other hats can also weaken the hair fiber and cause frizz and frizzy hair.

The boar hair brush: the natural anti-frizz weapon!

In order to eliminate frizz and the frothy appearance of hair, there is a very effective natural solution: using a boar bristle hairbrush. In fact, brushing your hair with this type of brush is akin to real hair care.

A brush that smoothes the hair fiber

By flattening the cuticle (the part of the fiber made up of the scales), the boar bristle brush helps smooth the hair. At Altesse Studio, 94% of our users find that using our brushes smoothes hair and reduces frizz. An asset that we owe to the unique composition of boar hair, rich in keratin (a protein which makes up the raw material of our hair).

A brush that nourishes and beautifies the hair

That's not all, the boar bristle hairbrush also nourishes the hair naturally. This fiber has the ability to penetrate the hair mass to style it and distribute sebum to perfection, from roots to ends. Over time, the hair is naturally hydrated and becomes stronger and more resistant. In addition, they help restore shine and luster to the hair.

A brush that allows you to space out shampoos

Regular brushing with a boar bristle brush finally allows you to space out your shampoos. When we know that too frequent washing can damage the fiber and encourage the appearance of frizz, this is an asset to take into account! In fact, with a good brushing ritual, your hair stays cleaner longer between two shampoos. Boar bristle brushes will rid the hair of impurities accumulated throughout the day. The brush does that sought-after “cleaning” when you wash your hair, naturally.

Sparkling hair: what other natural solutions?

Repairing your dry and porous hair: the right hair routine

To remedy frizzy, frizzy hair, a conditioner may be necessary. So, if your hair is dry or weakened, you can integrate a nourishing treatment, such as a mask or oil treatment, into your weekly routine. Limit yourself to one treatment maximum per week so as not to weigh down and suffocate the hair. As for vegetable oils:

  • L'
    Avocado oil is perfectly suited to dry, brittle or damaged hair. It intensely nourishes the hair fiber.
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    piqui vegetable oil is ideal for curly or frizzy hair. It helps to tame frizz and discipline the hair, while helping to maintain hair hydration.

In addition, the choice of products is essential: choose gentle shampoos, without alcohol, silicone or sulfate, because these ingredients can be aggressive and accentuate dryness and porosity. Rinsing with lukewarm or cold water after washing can help close the scales and give your lengths a smoother, shinier appearance. Finally, to prevent further damage, minimize heat exposure by using heating devices sparingly and always with a heat protectant.

Opt for a silk pillowcase

Opting for a silk or satin pillowcase can be beneficial for your hair. Unlike cotton, silk reduces friction and thus prevents the appearance of frizz and unruly strands. In addition, it helps maintain the hair's natural hydration, as it absorbs less sebum like other fabrics. This is especially beneficial for frizzy hair that is prone to losing moisture more quickly. By using a silk pillowcase, you help keep your hair smooth and soft, reducing the need for additional moisturizing products. It's a simple trick that can make a big difference on frizzy hair.