BEAUTY - Blow-dry & shine round brush


Thanks to its fibers it smooths, shines and protects the hair fiber from the heat of the hair dryer.

A round brush that makes brushing easier .

Thanks to our bristle technique and the quality of the boar bristles used, this brushing brush will speed up drying with the hair dryer, while protecting the fiber and providing shine.

How ? Thanks to the fibers implanted at different heights which will separate and distribute your hair over the entire brush for greater heat grip. In addition, the boar bristle will nourish your hair and close its scales to protect it from the heat, while revealing its natural shine.

A new format.

Our know-how and our expertise in the art of brushmaking allow us to design unique brushes for the beauty of your hair, which combine innovation and performance. This is why we have developed a format for good grip, while being efficient and nomadic.

Useful packaging.

Designed as a case and a nomadic hairdresser, this case will perfectly protect your brush and thus ensure its longevity.

Made from recycled plastic, it can also be used as a jewelry box or make-up box. Useful packaging that cannot be thrown away.

Our advices.

Inside your box you will find our hair guide which includes our different routines adapted to your hair type, as well as our maintenance tips for your brush.

Following your purchase, you will also have free access to our coaching program which will accompany you step by step and give you all the advice you need for healthy hair.

Noble materials for a durable brush.

Olive wood, in addition to its natural beauty, is an insulator to reduce the static electricity created by the friction of brushing. Each piece is shaped in the mass, creating a unique piece every time.

Finally, its natural linseed oil finish makes this brush a durable product that will stand the test of time.