BEAUTÉ - The Repair & Shine hairbrush for thick or curly hair


92% of people find their hair is shinier
85% noticed a considerable decrease breakage and falling hair

The 2 in 1 hairbrush that cares for the hair and massages the scalp

This hairbrush is not just a simple styling accessory, it is a real hair care product. She will heal and will beautify your hair as you brush it, while massaging the scalp which will activate blood circulation for stronger hair.

For the first time, thick hair has its brush made from 100% boar bristles. No more need for nylon tips to penetrate the densest hair. Thanks to the use of the best part of the hair combined with an ancestral stacking technique, this hairbrush will offer you the best possible performance.

The best care for your hair and visible results from the first uses.

Boar hair (composed of keratin) is the only fiber capable of providing real benefits to hair. For what ? Because it has a fibrous structure capable of attaching and distributing sebum from roots to ends, unlike nylon fibers or wooden pins which have a smooth structure, incapable of capturing sebum.

This distribution on the hair helps to nourish and protect it naturally. It will also add shine and allow you to avoid shampooing in just a few weeks. Finally, boar hair will be able to smooth your hair and frizz.

A format designed for more precise brushing.

We have developed a unique format for better adaptation to the contour of the scalp. The design of the handle, elegantly taking up the curves of a strand of hair, has been designed for perfect grip to ensure better control of brushing pressure.

Level 2 of your hair routine.

This care hairbrush will allow you to carry out the second step of your hair routine: the care phase.

Care brushing is always carried out from the roots to the ends and in 4 x 25 brush strokes. For thick or curly hair this means: 25x head forward, 25x head tilt right, 25x head tilt left and 25x head straight.

For level 1 of your hair routine, discover our detangling hairbrush suitable for thick or curly hair .

Useful packaging.

Designed as a case and a portable hairdresser, this case will perfectly protect your hairbrush and thus ensure its longevity.

Made from recycled plastic, it can also be used as a jewelry box or makeup box. Useful packaging that doesn't get thrown away.

Our advices.

Inside your box you will find our hair guide which brings together our different routines adapted to your hair type, as well as our tips for caring for your hairbrush.

Following your purchase, you will also have free access to our coaching program which will support you step by step and give you all the advice you need for healthy hair.

Routines adaptées à votre type de cheveux - Altesse Studio
bois d’olivier - Altesse Studio

Noble materials for a durable brush.

Olive wood, in addition to its natural beauty, is an insulator to reduce the static electricity created by the friction of brushing. Each piece is shaped in the mass, creating a unique piece every time.

Finally, its natural linseed oil finish makes this brush a durable product that will stand the test of time.