The keys to quality brushing are, above all, a tool well suited to your hair type. Straight or curly, oily or dry: every hair has its own routine. Discover your ideal brush with this guide.

More than a simple reflex, brushing your hair is the beauty gesture that will enhance and reveal the shine of your hair. If the promise makes you want it, you must know how to choose your brush carefully, but also know how to use it correctly. From the type of bristles used on the head of the brush to the correct movement to be made from the scalp: we help you see more clearly in your quest.

Which brush to choose for fine to normal purposes with low to medium density?

If there is a golden rule with this type of hair, it is to brush on dry hair only. Indeed, once wet, straight hair becomes waterlogged and weakens and can break easily.

If you can't help but detangle your hair after getting out of the shower, rub it properly with a towel and opt for detangling brushes from the Beauty range. The softness of the nylon fibers used and their stacking technique allow for gentler and more precise detangling than a comb, which will minimize breakage.

If you fall into the fine to normal, straight or rather low density hair category, you are certainly complaining about your lack of volume. To overcome this problem, a brush will be your lifelong ally: the one made of boar bristles. It doesn't matter if your heart is falling for the luxurious Altesse Prestige model or for an elegant care & shine brush from the Beauty range: the quality of the natural fibers will have the effect of adding substance to your hair while making it shinier.

Which brush to choose for thick or dense hair?

More resistant, thick or dense hair requires a suitable care or detangling brush.

The brushes in the Nature range are hybrid, mixing the benefits of boar hair with those of nylon. This type of mixed brush allows you to brush the hair deeply — while enhancing the fiber. All-in-one tool, the option is unanimous and will make your brushing routine a real moment of pleasure.

It is also possible to opt for a boar hair care brush from the Beauty or Prestige collection. Indeed, at Altesse Studio, we have succeeded in developing a stacking technique allowing us to have brushes made of 100% wild boar even for thick hair so that it regains shine and beauty over time.

As for detangling brushes from the Beauty Collection, they provide magical detangling of the lengths, without pain or breakage and are also available for thick or high density hair.

Which brush to choose for curly and wavy hair?

Curly and wavy hair are generally synonymous with texture and volume. Exception to the rule, this type of hair can benefit from brushing on damp hair, brushing on dry hair tends to further densify the hair by breaking up pre-existing curls.

So, if your hair is curly or wavy, opt for a nylon fiber detangling brush, or failing that a comb with large teeth – which are two tools that respect coarse and tight hair types. The soft fibers of the Altesse Beauté detangling brush for curly hair have a dual action, both precisely detangling the hair mass without breaking the fiber, but also allowing ultra-precise distribution of care.

Which brush to choose for brushing oily hair?

Above all, the boar bristle brush will be your best ally, like our Beauty or Prestige model. By starting brushing from the base of the scalp to the lengths, the tool will evenly distribute excess sebum — for naturally nourished and shiny hair. Another advantage: the procedure carried out correctly and regularly - ideally two per day - will provide softness and suppleness to the hair fibers.

Now that you have been able to lift the veil on all the mysteries of a dream mane - but above all find the tool that will be most suitable for you according to your hair type - all that remains is to integrate the haircare ritual into your daily life.

Still a doubt? Take our online diagnosis and find the brush made for you.