It's decided: you want to invest in a new hairbrush. But which one to choose among all the models on the market? What are the pitfalls to avoid for healthier, stronger hair after brushing? Read instead.

Avoid hairbrushes with harsh bristles

These are often cheap brushes imported from Asia. The problem: they are made with pins whose insertion or cutting is aggressive for the hair fiber and the scalp. There are plastic, wooden, silicone and metal pins, which cause multiple damages.

  • Pulled out or broken hair: the implantation of the pins, which leaves a gap between the base of the pin and the rubber when brushing, tears or breaks the hair that gets stuck there. When detangling, the pin exerts such force that the knot breaks rather than unravels, causing hair breakage.
  • Irritation of the scalp: pointed shapes like silicone pins or straight or sharp cuts like metal pins will attack and scratch the scalp. Result: dandruff, irritation and overproduction of sebum.
  • Increased static electricity: the material and composition of the silicone, metal or nylon pins will increase static electricity when brushing . In question ? Their electrical charge opposite to that of the hair.

We explain everything to you in our video below:

Opt for a boar bristle hairbrush

Thanks to its scale structure, boar hair will attach sebum to the roots to distribute it gently throughout the hair. More than a simple brushing gesture, this is real care. And for good reason, sebum plays the role of a protective and nourishing barrier for the hair, giving it shine and softness, naturally.

In addition, the boar bristle brush allows for deep brushing while massaging the scalp. This massaging action stimulates blood circulation, thus oxygenating the scalp and activating cellular action at the roots. Hair loss is limited and regrowth encouraged.

Another advantage of the boar bristle brush: it does not produce static electricity. Unlike smooth bristles, the natural fiber of boar hair has the same electrical charge as our hair. This is because its composition is similar to that of our hair.

Please note: Not all boar bristle brushes are created equal! To benefit from all the benefits of wild boar hair, we focus on quality, like the Altesse Prestige boar hair brush , made with first-cut hair. 100% handmade, it is so robust that it is guaranteed for life!

Choose a brush suited to your hair type

Because each type of hair has different needs, it is important to choose a hairbrush that will respond to your problem . But which one to choose? As we mentioned above, the best hairbrush is undoubtedly the boar bristle brush. Whether you have oily, dry, fine or thick hair, boar hair respects and nourishes all hair fibers, without attacking them.

To take the styling experience further, Altesse Studio has developed “care & shine” brushes for thick or curly hair or fine to normal hair. Thanks to quality boar bristles threaded using an ancestral stacking technique, you benefit from unrivaled, gentle brushing performance.

November 27, 2023