Legend or truth: it seems that doing 100 brush strokes before going to sleep can make your hair even more beautiful. We explain to you why the gesture is, in fact, an undeniable asset for the health and beauty of your hair.

The benefits of brushing and the famous 100 brush strokes

More than a mechanism, brushing is a beauty gesture. Its multiple benefits are no longer to be proven. Among them :

  • a better seborrheic balance in the hair and scalp,
  • a positive impact on hair strengthening, suppleness and shine,
  • an action which acts on the crown chakra and relaxes the entire body.

Apart from its undeniable health function, brushing is also an important holistic moment to take place twice during the day. And if we believe the sayings of our ancestors, brushing your hair 100 times would be the secret to the most wonderful mane.

The 100 brush strokes: when to do this routine?

Brushing should be done at least twice a day, morning and evening, and why not a little touch-up at the beginning of the afternoon if the occasion allows.

Good brushing is:

  • 3 minutes in the morning to restore shine to your hair and discipline it after the night;
  • 3 minutes in the evening to rid them of impurities accumulated during the day, massage your scalp consciously and finally relax.

3 minutes is nothing in a day, but it can seem terribly long when you repeat the same gesture! If you cannot manage to keep up the pace until the end, count in your head at least the 100 rigorous and diligent brush strokes, which will already allow your hair to benefit from all the benefits of good brushing.

How to achieve the 100 brushstrokes of the Carita sisters?

The myth of the 100 brush strokes has its origins with the Carita sisters. Maria and Rosy then shared the same love of hair and are in fact considered to this day as the pioneers of the concept of holistic beauty. The two “beauty entrepreneurs”, as they like to call themselves, gave the tip of the cult gesture first. But be careful: brushing must be carried out according to the rules of the art.

  • To best boost the health of your hair, tilt your head forward and brush from the nape of your neck to your forehead.
  • Then make movements from the beginning of the hairline to the outside, then from the forehead to the nape of the neck. Thus, all the nerve points will be stimulated and the hair fiber correctly magnified.

Which brushes to choose?

To ensure optimal brushing, nothing beats a natural boar bristle brush whose resistant fiber is made up of 100% keratin, like your hair. The care brushes from the Beauté Altesse Studio collection are the models to favor for these purposes, then to choose according to the type of your hair: one being more suitable for fine to normal hair and the other dedicated to thick to normal hair. curly.

For the more fearful, another universal option – regardless of your hair type – is possible: that of the brush from the Prestige collection. Its secret is based on an innovative alliance with the use of an exceptional and 100% natural fiber, 1st cut boar silk, soft and firm at the same time, penetrating all densities and thicknesses of hair without being aggressive for the scalp. sensitive on the one hand; the stacking and tapering of the fibers entirely done by hand which ensures a unique and exceptional performance for all hair types on the other hand.

To your 100 brush strokes… Ready? Go!
April 07, 2023